Friday, July 30, 2010

dinners out???

sorry for a long awaited update entry from me...there's so many things happen and so many things to tell but I haven't got plenty of time to update..
so this post is just something to share and to introduce a new member of my house

presenting new member of d 0702!!!!

Miza from JB
age: 20
taking degree

location : near our hostel

missing one person : Aini (Mianhe) TT______TT

from the left: miza,farah,yana and anis..

me with a cute cat..

the foods..
6 types of vege..

vanilla ice-cream



siakap fish with 3 flavours...

mix tomyam...


yay! let's dig in!!!!
farah n yana is happy with their drinks...

well,that's all for now..all the above food cost below RM100.