Sunday, February 21, 2010


mood: eating everything I see..!

I'm in a mood of asking your opinion about man stuff..
but that does not means that this post is for guys only..
if you girls what to share some info about guys than be my guest
its an honoured for me to accept any new info's..

so the point is like this..
I was thinking for all these years
everytime it came to my guy friends birthday or maybe not my guy friends maybe my friends boyfriend and I've been asked the same question and it come to my stand that I am curious and eager to know...

what do U usually give as a present for your guy friend on their birthday?

yes, that's the only thing that I wanted to ask..

what do you think if I say that this are the list of things when we gurls maybe thinking of giving it to u..

a) wallet
e)bangles (your kind)
f)just throw up a party
g) cake
h) couple t-shirt and stuff (for couples)

okay, thats all the stuff that is in my head right now..
I cannot think of anything else except that
its not that difficult if it is compared to gurls stuff

if it was for me I would like my present to be something cute, easily to bring everywhere I go, afraid of the cost...? don't be...because it is not neccessary to buy me something expensive when you can get a cheaper price for the stuff...
I think not just me, every gurls like me thinks like that too...
we accept any present with an open heart...

the items?
well let see..
generally if I'm not mistaken
most gurls like....
a) teddy bear

the point is gurls like something cute...
just buy them something cute depanding on their character okay...
not all gurls like cute stuff so make sure asked them first..
okay thats all...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

busy weeks!

doodle on palms

a short brief about my schedule

this week assignment
for event management I have to prepare flyers and brochure since Genting Highland is my final project event for this subject and plus 15% comes from this project so I need to do my best
RM 140.oo to go there...just a day trip plus the cost for transportation, the theme park ticket, buffet lunch, games (treasure hunt in the haunted house)


still I am not satisfied with the reasons given by the assistant manager
I asked him about the treasure haunt tinggy...since I'm not just afraid in getting in there to find a treasure but the most fear of all is just MAYBE I could get grope by someone because we all know that when we are in the dark things can happen you know and I am not going to be responsible if it happened to one of my customer...its the BIG DEAL for me as a woman I have to bring this up...


this is the problem when I was in the event committee...
I like to expressed how I felt
its not just for me
I'm defending my tribe here (whatever that means)
next week I'll be busy with promoting this event and I will be at Level 8 Havella building giving out flyers...

okay, I need to cool down a bit..
every time it came to Wednesday I had a problem of getting worried about stuff
there's two class on that day
which is Event Management and Academy Reading & Writing
and the students especially from the Academy Class is like their English in 100% slang
I felt as stupid as can be sometimes for example last night class...
miss made us make an essay and the title is
who is a better lover? man or woman? English is sooooo simple compared to those students in my class...
their words is so nice and beautiful...
we had to read out loud what we just wrote
very embarrassing....SERIOUSLY!
okay2 I want to forget about it

next Principle of Marketing
got to assignment which is about pricing and product
quiz next thursday (individual) chapter 3 and 4

Food and Beverage Service
maybe next week I'm going to learn how to flame a banana..
that is if there is a Gueridon Trolley which cost like when you buy a Kancil car
expensive...I know
then for the assignment I have to create a creative menu card

p/s: If there is a chance I will update about the last Valentine's day or Chinese New Year that I didn't even bother to celebrate...hahaha

Monday, February 15, 2010

helping myself towards it

some say I came here for a reason (of course)
some say I came here to release tension (maybe)
some say I'm destine to learn here (its written)
but for all those reasons (it should be)
I know it better why I'm here (well daa)

p/s: I'm still with my goals

Thursday, February 11, 2010

kasik aku tisu

lama betul x tengok budak kecik nie..

sorry sorry sorry
so sorry lama betul x wat entry terbaru...
mesti ramai yang da bosan tengok sy x update2 lagi nie..
well..been busy dengan assignment and events coming up
and not to forget mid term exam bulan 3 nie..
bulan 2 pown da nak habis...
cepat benar mase berlalu yer..
hampir nak masuk 2 bulan dah x balik kedah..
raya cina cuti dari start besok sampai selasa nie..
and rabu jer kelas ade pown then next monday plak la kelas start
yer2 bertapa bosannya kna tgal and habiskn mase di asrama sedangkan your housemate semua balik kampung...sediy kan?
xaper...kite study jer la ey...
got to struggle tuk mid term...
ape pown asssignment xley tinggal...markah semua tue..

event yang I present ari tue untuk pergi ke bukit tinggi sort of macam d reject habis2an..
sebab ape?
event Samad yang g genting highland tue disokong lah oleh manager event nie..
pergi balik genting RM126 sorang...ada kau mampu?
seriously lah kalau aku wat sales and marketing jual la kat member2 aku...
mesti diorg cakap....

mahal siut!!!!!!!!

bujet dia macam nie..
transport RM34.10
Buffet lunch RM 37.00
Theme Park Rm 36.00
games RM20

kalau x salah aku dengar semalam dia ade mention games tue nak wat treasure hunt
what the??
aku tengok muke budak2 kelas aku pown macam x puas hati daa
soalan aku
who is our target market?
what are the motif of this event?
why does it have to be this expensive?

silap aku betul la x buat cortation betul2..
tapi kalau nak letak budget aku pown ade gak lah mahal tapi at least x semua pernah pergi situ
mustahil event aku dikalahkan because of the budget, the activities yang aku letak paintball tue isu dia...memang la kalau x main pown xaper...
we can still change to other activities or make other than that
aper pown motif untuk education kan?
di Bukit Tinggi ade perkampungan perancis and japanese village...
there's a lot to see and do...
di Genting...ape yang you expect nak buat selain have fun?

based on the importance of event yang aku belajar minggu lepas kna mengikut
geographic location
size of population
age of population
number of voluntary organisations
affluence of the community
ability of organisers
nature of the site
facilities and equipment available

entah le..yang pasti most of the event committee nak bantah sebab cost yang mahal nie
and diorg nak jugak2 pergi ke Bukit tinggi..
adeh, nak x nak I need to get the real cortation for this event
Alhamdulillah...because of this event...I've got friends!

p/s: minggu nie agak tiring lah
and due to that rase dah somehow hilang selera makan kadang2 tue..
p/s/s: seronok main ais skating tapi x seronok kalau jatuh...
serious sakit....and the pain x ilang2 lagi....
I'm homesick!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

confirm that it is because of the place itself!

the view of the place

based on my presentation for my event management class..
I told U in the recent post that I'm going to present my event
and I propose Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi Pahang....

guess what???

my event is in the top 2 after voting from 17 other events...
seriously I'm not bragging but actually which I just did..
I didn't even have the time to present it like I wanted

as the lecturer came in the class I thought that she would say that who ever did not present will be presenting today
so I waited
but it turn out that she didn't even say so
she start the class with the first chapter for this subject
I was thinking after a 5 minute break I will go and told her about it
then before the 5 minute, she gave a task to chose the event committee
so she leaves the class to vote
so we did the vote

event committee
manager: Atif
assistant: Samad
secretary: Wani
logistic: Amir
operation: Azam
finance: Mustaffa
sales & marketing: Fizi

then she ask Atif and Samad to chose the events that she think that it is quite good
but the events are not just from my class but also the other class..
it seems that my class had a bigger number of students than the other classes
so thats why the event committee is chosen from my class
as for the other classes, there will be one representative student to join the committee

this is the list of events that is chosen for Atif and Samad to chose

1. Hop On Hop Off made by Atif
2. Family Day Genting Highland by Samad
3. Mother's day by Mustaffa
4. Family Fun by Azam
5. Carnival Festive Custome by Shahira
6. Visit the orphanage by Jayati
7. Music Concert by Nasrin
8. Choco Expo by Muzakir
9. Social workers at zoo neara by Nazira
10. Prom Night by Mohd Nazmi
11. Trip to Paya Dengkil by Seri Dayani
12. Klmu Magic Show -donno whom
13. Career & Education Top - also donno whom
14. Garage Sale by Nor Azman
15. Campaign Blood Donation & Organ by Mohd Nor Hamizan
16. Bowling Tournament by Rubiati
17. Visit old folks

after the votes remain the top 5
no 1,2,7,9 and 13

after the top 5, my madam said we will be continuing after we heard the last presentation
at that moment I thought she remembers something but it wasn't was the guy name fizi will be presenting his event
okay, I must say I felt that I should act now
as soon as his boring presentation which I'm sorry to say I didn't even understand his motif of an event...
I raise my hand and ask to make my presentation
she's not that happy because I killed some of her time
but it was just as a speed of a rabbit running to the finished line
I just did it for 2 minutes
and yes....I didn't present anything fascinating like what Aini hopes for
but at the end madam and my classmates seems to be very interested in my event
and maybe because of the beautiful place
and the lowest budget
that somehow attract them to pick my event as the top 5
so again the votes are open
leaving to the last top 2

my event and samad's

Genting Highland
Bukit Tinggi

which one to choose???

well madam told us that she will be bringing the both of the event to the other classes to chose then she will tell us the result next week but in the meantime I so have to work on the budget again because 35 person for this trip is so small group right??
well my proposed is not that complete yet

what do U think????