Thursday, February 4, 2010

confirm that it is because of the place itself!

the view of the place

based on my presentation for my event management class..
I told U in the recent post that I'm going to present my event
and I propose Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi Pahang....

guess what???

my event is in the top 2 after voting from 17 other events...
seriously I'm not bragging but actually which I just did..
I didn't even have the time to present it like I wanted

as the lecturer came in the class I thought that she would say that who ever did not present will be presenting today
so I waited
but it turn out that she didn't even say so
she start the class with the first chapter for this subject
I was thinking after a 5 minute break I will go and told her about it
then before the 5 minute, she gave a task to chose the event committee
so she leaves the class to vote
so we did the vote

event committee
manager: Atif
assistant: Samad
secretary: Wani
logistic: Amir
operation: Azam
finance: Mustaffa
sales & marketing: Fizi

then she ask Atif and Samad to chose the events that she think that it is quite good
but the events are not just from my class but also the other class..
it seems that my class had a bigger number of students than the other classes
so thats why the event committee is chosen from my class
as for the other classes, there will be one representative student to join the committee

this is the list of events that is chosen for Atif and Samad to chose

1. Hop On Hop Off made by Atif
2. Family Day Genting Highland by Samad
3. Mother's day by Mustaffa
4. Family Fun by Azam
5. Carnival Festive Custome by Shahira
6. Visit the orphanage by Jayati
7. Music Concert by Nasrin
8. Choco Expo by Muzakir
9. Social workers at zoo neara by Nazira
10. Prom Night by Mohd Nazmi
11. Trip to Paya Dengkil by Seri Dayani
12. Klmu Magic Show -donno whom
13. Career & Education Top - also donno whom
14. Garage Sale by Nor Azman
15. Campaign Blood Donation & Organ by Mohd Nor Hamizan
16. Bowling Tournament by Rubiati
17. Visit old folks

after the votes remain the top 5
no 1,2,7,9 and 13

after the top 5, my madam said we will be continuing after we heard the last presentation
at that moment I thought she remembers something but it wasn't was the guy name fizi will be presenting his event
okay, I must say I felt that I should act now
as soon as his boring presentation which I'm sorry to say I didn't even understand his motif of an event...
I raise my hand and ask to make my presentation
she's not that happy because I killed some of her time
but it was just as a speed of a rabbit running to the finished line
I just did it for 2 minutes
and yes....I didn't present anything fascinating like what Aini hopes for
but at the end madam and my classmates seems to be very interested in my event
and maybe because of the beautiful place
and the lowest budget
that somehow attract them to pick my event as the top 5
so again the votes are open
leaving to the last top 2

my event and samad's

Genting Highland
Bukit Tinggi

which one to choose???

well madam told us that she will be bringing the both of the event to the other classes to chose then she will tell us the result next week but in the meantime I so have to work on the budget again because 35 person for this trip is so small group right??
well my proposed is not that complete yet

what do U think????


Just_najmiE said...

i like Genting, becoz it's genting..
what's so great about the place u presented?..

intan said...

because everyone can always go there...i mean all of the klmu student. and further more I think everyone already know that place..the question is...does everyone knows about bukit tinggi???? thats the reason y i present that place as my event...

AM SYA said...

ske tmpat tuh!

ala2 luar ngara gitue~ =)

intan said...

kan kan? bagi2 lah tempat nie terpilih...xsabar nak pegi lagi....