Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hang out at Times Square!!!

hola again!
how did you spend your weekend??
are they awesome one or not??
well as for me..I thought I would have spend my weekend at home as usual because normally when it gets to Saturday....I would have stayed home and watched Hindustan movie on TV2 at 12 and TV3 at 2 pm...but normally I would pick at least one of the best so that I could focus on 1 of them..
and after the movie finishes, I would have done something like watch some other movie in my labtop or maybe online my facebook and start commenting all of my friends status..or maybe if there are new pictures that I haven't edited yet so I would waste my time edit those pictures then I would have update my now you know how I spend my time for Saturday..
as on Sunday, I would be panic if there is an unfinished assignment that I haven't touch yet and begin to do it till I haven't notice that it night or morning...hahaha

as for last night... my sister came to my place and sleep we went to Times Square..just the three of us...including my sister who is living with me..
and so..that morning, we went to T.S...the weather is not rained heavily and unfortunately I have worn skirt on that day so really bothered me a lot to be walking carefully so that I won't trip and fell down and humiliate myself...owh well...hahah
okay then...


anyway, the story is like this..
we had brunch...breakfast + lunch at Papa John's where before that we stop by at the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to buy TWO box of doughnuts and then go to Papa John to order some pizza..

fake smile because Im sooo hungry already...haha!!!

after that we went to the sister Aini-chan wanna buy herself a comic..
title: Shiho sugiura's Silver diamond 8 : after death

so this would be the chapter 8...since her last comic chapter 7 lost after she accidentally left it in the toilet at the 6 th floor at T.s the last month we came here..
and so...she's happy that she bought herself the new comic..we then made our way to the ATM machine due to the money-run-out-in-the-wallet...haha
and so we left Aini reading her and my sister went for a window shopping...well, she did buy something along the way....the important woman stuff..personal I mean...

anyway, then we went to this store where they sell the sister want to buy the cd Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1..but its kind of expensive so we went down on the second floor I easy store and she bought the cd..and we went to the Cold sister's want to buy "Sushi" and so..after all the stuff we bought...we head home...and I was so happy I get to still watch Hindustan...although the clock shows I missed for an hour..but Im happy throughout the day...since my sister plan to sleep for 1 more night...

but 1 thing that I'm concern about is....I Haven't touch my assignments yet...
okay2...I've got to go...
so...enjoy your weekend and adios...!!'s more of the pictures...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch 'CUN' at KLCC on Thursday evening

hola, hola, hola!!!
pheww its Friday today and I have a new story to tell..
last night my experience going to KLCC alone for the first time...
okay2..I know its not a BIG DEAL..
but living in the BIG city makes me scared I got lost somewhere..
based on what my sister use to say to me..
"only idiots who doesn't know how to read a signboard will got lost"
boohoo! I'm soooo not that kind of person...
so from my place, I took a bus to Titiwangsa, then I ride the LRT to Masjid Jamek then I went down to the Kelana Jaya I think..and took the train to the KLCC..Its not that hard to get to KLCC
its really easy if you went there on the right time which does not clashed with the time where people are rushing to go back home around 4.30 pm..
I manage to arrived at KLCC around 4.40 pm...and after I enter the KLCC..boy!!!
there's those nice smell...!!


seriously, the roti boy is super awesome taste! I love it so much...every time I go to KLCC I would buy the Roti BOY aka BREAD BOY ya..

so let's go back to the story..
the plan is I will go on my own to KLCC and my sister and all her office mates will come after 4 pm since they finished work at that time so since it was my first ever time to go alone, I plan to go early so that I don't have to rush..then after I arrived there, I walk around and manage to find the new KFC which they recently close down to upgrade to a BIGGER place..yup..I'm impressed..
and so me and my sister Khadijah contact each other and we met at the Female Surau where she pray Asar before we head to the cinema on the 5th floor if Im not mistaken was 6th maybe..owh well, I didn't count lor...lets leave it for a while okay??
on the phone my sister did mention we watch the movie at 6 pm but when we met she said the tickets is at 6.15 pm...what the...???

and so during the free time we had, we manage to kill the time by taking pictures...
its a really good thing to do to give a positive moods before you watch the movies...
anyway, this are those positive moods....

told ya...realllllyyyy positive..

I manage to smile!!! hahaha

me with my sister...don't we look so happy??? hahaha
well..we are happy yor..

my sister is imitating the panda...u successfully did well sis..hehe

RIO...I shall watch soon...!!!

my sister's friends...they are 12 including me...

just look at those tickets...!!!
after the successfully mission of killing the time...
we enter the cinema and manage to find our seats...
and the movie begins...


the actor/ actress: REMY ISHAk, Maya Karin, Faezah Elai, Mislina Mustaffa, Kartina Aziz, Marsha, Jehan Miskin, and Ning Baizura

seriously U have to watch it...
really KECOH the cinema with this movie...
this would be my second time watching it and if anyone want to ask me out and watch it again...I will go!! I mean seriously....those loghat Kedah is so funny I cannot control myself and burst to laugh like crazy...
so this is just something to share with you..
the picture in the movie..

the movie finished around 8.25 pm
so after that we say goodbye and head home...
I manage to take this last picture...

Nice huh???

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Intan is craving for this!!!

holla, yuhuuu...!!!
actually I'm not that free since I am SUPPOSE to be studying for Beverage Operation test tomorrow morning but instead I log in to my facebook account and post
hahaha anyway, I am craving for it right now...
have you guys try it before??
if U haven't then I suggest you should go and buy one now...


doiiii must I tell ya??
you should taste it yourself...
its those vanilla, 2 kinds of chocolate dips and the crush oreo that makes me go crazy over it and willing to wait till I finally finished drink every single thing in it...

every time I go to KFC...I will chose Snack plate and will upgrade my water to Krushers oreo and save some which I don't need to add on to the krusher's set if u do know what I mean...
ala..kalau kita ambil snack plate punya set then nak add on pade krushers oreo rugi...satg dia cas harga I suggest kalau ambil snack plate or anything just cakap nak upgrade water pade krushers tue...ade 3 jenis perisa..I would only stick to the oreo...

love it!!!


okay...Im full...lets go home!!!hahaha

KRUSHERS OREO anyone???!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Atas nama persahabatan...I cannot lose u dear friend!

sebelum mulakan cerita...tengok gambar dlu ya..zaman2 dolu2..
before I story mory..look thru this pics k..the old days...

Assalamualaikum kepada semua pengikut saya..
Greetings to all my followers...

Post kali ini saya akan cerita satu kisah sedih sedikit...
This entry is about a sad story...

kenapa saya menggunakan dua bahasa??
why am I using two language??

sebab saya tengah sedih dan tidak boleh fikir ape-ape..jadi begini lah ceritanya...
because I'm too sad to think about here's the story....

bertemunya saya dengan kawan saya ini adalah kerana Ilmu..
I met this friend of mine because of education...

kami berkongsi segala masalah bersama, segala suka duka semuanya kami lalui bersama...
we share so many things like problems, the sad and happy days we gone thru together..

tetapi...suatu hari...kerana satu kesilapan...dia telah salah faham dan setelah itu persahabatan kami makin renggang.. day...there's this one mistakes that somehow have made us misunderstand the situation and that made our relationship somehow dis-apart..

pada malam itu...kami hanya berhubung dalam keadaan kemarahan, geram, rasa benci dan kedua-duanya menangis...sebab sama-sama nak menang...
that particular night...we contact each other with the feelings of anger, furious, hatred and we both cried all night long....because we both have the egoes of wanting to win...

entah mengapa...hati ini mahu bertanyakan khabar tentang dirinya...
donno heart feels like wanting to ask if she's alright...

jadi saya pon menelefonnya..
so I called her...

keadaan menjadi sunyi seketika selepas telefon telah di angkat olehnya... saya tahu nama sy di ansetnya muncul "my babe" lalu saya berkata "helo"
it was a silent moment after she pick up her phone..I knew my name written on her mobile phone as "my babe" so I say "hello"

dia tidak pula berkata helo kembali..jadi saya menyanyi...
she did not reply hello I sing...


selepas saya habis cakap macam tue saya dapat dengar dia ketawa sambil menahan agar tidak di dengari oleh saya...saya tersenyum lega...
after I said those words...I could hear a gigling sound which she covers it so that I couldn't hear them...I smile in relief...

perbualan kami berakhir setelah lebih kurang sejam lamanya..
our conversation last about an hour...

kami gembira sebab hubungan kami sepert sedia kala..
we are so happy that our friendship is back to normal...

sebab....saya tidak sanggup kehilangannya dan begitu juga dengannya kerana kami berkawan sejak kecik...hingga sekarang...itu lah persahabatan yang paling saya sayang dan saya berdoa memohon kepada illahi agar persahabatan ini berkekalan hingga ke akhirnya...
saya sayang awak wahai sahabatku...!!!
because...I couldn't afford to lose her and same goes to her...we've been friends since we were small and till now..that's the friendship that I hold till now and I love and I pray to God that our friendship will last forever...
I love you dear friend...!!!

itu je la ceritanya......x best kan??? hahahah
so thats the story...pretty bored huh??? hahah

hear out my trademarks...!!!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Annual Dinner Public Bank at Renaissance Hotel's the story...

last night went for part time at the Hotel Renaissance..
never expect anything actually but somehow I'm very nervous because its been awhile since my last time doing part time job at the hotel

making it short..
I set the time with my friends to be at the hotel around 3 something
so after we gather about 3-4 people
we enter the hotel back door (for staff only)
so as we walk in, give our student I/d to the security guard and replace with a part time card then we made our way to the kitchen, and walk to the place where student normally stay before the person in charge gave the order..
so once the form has been filled, my friends ask me to run...seriously RUN
because if we late getting our uniform then we shall end up with having to wear such a huge hotel uniform,I got myself M 30 size...seriously it looks Big on me and no..there's no pictures taken

because I look weird so don't want people to see me..
its really hard moving around with such a huge uniform..since my body is small
anyway, after the touch up (make up faces and nice perfume here and there)
we went to the cafeteria to get fill up our empty stomach..
hotel foods never let me down...
although its just foods for staff
well, its been totally an awesome meal which no...
there's no photos been taken too due to the shyness of my first EVER to that place...

anyway, after the awesome meal we search for the Ground Level but unfortunately of the misunderstanding part lead us to the other part of the Ground level (lost)
hahaha..anyway, once we got to the level mention..there's this small room where the In Charge person gave orders and divide the whole group to the separate table
I wrote the menu in my cute notebook so that it could help me do my report after this..
Im scared after they inform that it was a Chinese set and I somehow forgot the whole thing..
not that I didn't know a thing..its just I need to have to be under someone

so I was put under my friend Hidayah since she's in charge of the VIP table..
VIP table for the first time?? kau mampu???
so I have no choice then to accept it with an open heart that the table that I will take care is the front table to the stage...really near to the MC stand and all..
so the guest are mingle around talking, taking pictures and laughing and pleasing each other with their so improper outfits and all..
well can't say anything thou since its their party and it happen to be Chinese Set so maybe they have to wear such an outfit..

my task is to:
- Refill the Chinese Tea
-Refill the Cordial drink (which I forgot the name)*
-serve beer (tiger)
-clear dirty plates (normal using BB plate)
-top up the condiments on the table
-anything that guest ask such as they need warm water
-help Hidayah to divide the foods to the guest after she place the foods in the small bowl or in the bb plate
-do crumbing down in case if their is left overs on the table
-stand behind the guess or let say near the guess lah

so the functions begin with the public bank staffs went on the stage to be ready to perform by singing the song as to welcome the guest of honor
Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow
for his Happy 81st Birthday
giler bapak grand kot
my task is to fill the Chinese cup with Chinese tea to all the customer once the customer came to the table..that is after say
"Good evening, Im Intan.. I will be your waitress for the night bla bla bla and help he/she sit down and open the napkin and place it on the guest lab..
once the guest of honor arrived the big celebration begun..
there's lots of singing, dancing...
shocking me here and there due to the improper outfits the dancers wearing..
anyway...2 artist are invited that night are Que Haidar and Linda Jasmine..
very sweet couple I tell ya..(^_^)
so after the performance...there is the performance by the hotel..which the chef cooks
(just an act)
then once he finished cooks...the MC announce the food are ready to be serve
by that time all the waiter and waitresses that serve the guest of honor went out behind the curtain and walks to the main table and serve in order...very amazing presentation..while the honor guest are delighted to see the foods...
the rest of the waitress and waitresses came out from the left and right side of the door and follow in line to their table and serve the guest..
its a smooth food presentation ever...!!!
I enjoy it too by looking at them..
from my last time I work for Chinese Set function.. I was told to walk inside the room with the light switch off and all the guest can see is the candle on each plate that we carry...and we waitress and waiter will bow in front of the guest before go to our table...
wayyyyy freakin time I tell ya..

anyway back to the story..
I again refill the Chinese tea, Drinks and BB plate as well as the performance keep on getting exciting that when the part where this guy sang Marc Anthony song "My baby you"
I was sooooooo happy to hear it that my eyes are focus at the stage and thanks to my friend she cover the job for me...huhu...shouldn't be doing that kind of thing ever... MY BAD..

anyway...I got sometime that I was so thirsty, I went at the back and drink the drinks I serve for the guest...yummy...then I get back to work..
there's 10 course meal serve that night...if Im not mistaken la
I tell ya..those plates are heavy...
my hands are like shaking every time I have to pour the drinks..

then there's a self service where the supervisor (I think)
come to us and tell us to move away from the guest because guest need to have their time with the dancing and singing thing
after the movie finish then we went back to our duties...
I had to clear up quickly to let the next course being serve..
its those time where I have to walk quickly, run sometime...and had to stand all night long
all the busy moment flies so quickly and I ask my friend what time is it and she said its almost 11.30 pm

but the best part is the event ends at that time...
and so lucky of me to get a VIP table because once the guest of honor leaves...they follow and leave the table too...
so me n Hidayah finish up the clearing of plates, goblets, high balls, bb plates and the cutleries on the table...then went for a drink before went to the office to get our bags.
all of the KLMU student fill in the form regarding the time we check in and out and place in the box provided then change cloth, and went to the security once again...get our bags examine before leaving (in case if there is something stolen)
then we wait for this guy name "Zul" to give us the money for the hard work we done...
(^_^) <-------the happy face when receive the money
RM 7 for 1 hour...
so RM50 lor..
I wait for my brother in law to come and pick me up
the view of Kl tower is sooo nice...
I felt happy althou Im very tired and my feet hurts like hell..
its a nice experience I had and hope that I can experience it again in the future...

p/s: sorry there is no pictures lor...
I don't have that time and Im afraid since its my first time working and not confident enough to take pictures here and there at new place...besides..there those "eyes" keep staring at me
wayyyyyyy creepy!