Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hang out at Times Square!!!

hola again!
how did you spend your weekend??
are they awesome one or not??
well as for me..I thought I would have spend my weekend at home as usual because normally when it gets to Saturday....I would have stayed home and watched Hindustan movie on TV2 at 12 and TV3 at 2 pm...but normally I would pick at least one of the best so that I could focus on 1 of them..
and after the movie finishes, I would have done something like watch some other movie in my labtop or maybe online my facebook and start commenting all of my friends status..or maybe if there are new pictures that I haven't edited yet so I would waste my time edit those pictures then I would have update my now you know how I spend my time for Saturday..
as on Sunday, I would be panic if there is an unfinished assignment that I haven't touch yet and begin to do it till I haven't notice that it night or morning...hahaha

as for last night... my sister came to my place and sleep we went to Times Square..just the three of us...including my sister who is living with me..
and so..that morning, we went to T.S...the weather is not rained heavily and unfortunately I have worn skirt on that day so really bothered me a lot to be walking carefully so that I won't trip and fell down and humiliate myself...owh well...hahah
okay then...


anyway, the story is like this..
we had brunch...breakfast + lunch at Papa John's where before that we stop by at the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to buy TWO box of doughnuts and then go to Papa John to order some pizza..

fake smile because Im sooo hungry already...haha!!!

after that we went to the sister Aini-chan wanna buy herself a comic..
title: Shiho sugiura's Silver diamond 8 : after death

so this would be the chapter 8...since her last comic chapter 7 lost after she accidentally left it in the toilet at the 6 th floor at T.s the last month we came here..
and so...she's happy that she bought herself the new comic..we then made our way to the ATM machine due to the money-run-out-in-the-wallet...haha
and so we left Aini reading her and my sister went for a window shopping...well, she did buy something along the way....the important woman stuff..personal I mean...

anyway, then we went to this store where they sell the sister want to buy the cd Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1..but its kind of expensive so we went down on the second floor I easy store and she bought the cd..and we went to the Cold sister's want to buy "Sushi" and so..after all the stuff we bought...we head home...and I was so happy I get to still watch Hindustan...although the clock shows I missed for an hour..but Im happy throughout the day...since my sister plan to sleep for 1 more night...

but 1 thing that I'm concern about is....I Haven't touch my assignments yet...
okay2...I've got to go...
so...enjoy your weekend and adios...!!'s more of the pictures...

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