Friday, September 30, 2011

Tour around KL..part 1

Milano Spaghetti Meatball~

Assalamualaikum and hello hello hola dear readers~

how are you doing this fine sunny day?
Alhamdulillah...I just had my lunch with my sisters and the important thing is I cook..
yeah2...I know im not a good least its eatable..

I can't say its a real tour where we go to certain places for a particular time and in group..
this tour is just some of the part where sometimes I ought to go alone, with friends and with its not a tour which I go for a could also be for two days


I went to the Istana Budaya last Saturday or maybe its Sunday..I have a short-term-memory lost here...but the main point is I finally go to such places..
I intend to actually went to all of the important places in Kuala Lumpur..because my studies at Kl will soon end and at least I want to say to my friends that I have reach to lots of places during my studies here..

and so I went in the Istana Budaya..still need proof for that? okay fine...

there you go..happy now?

but I can't take a picture inside the building I'd took the picture outside the building near the so-called-itself a fountain...

aha...thats the fountain back there...
but unfortunately can't stay long since it begin to rain that evening..
and so~

Istana Budaya~
Dataran Merdeka~

so next would be Dataran Merdeka~ Finallly!
after being a student on her 7th semester finally she have the opportunity to go there
but the happy time did not last long...
I was like....this is it????!!
there's nothing else to do rather than snap the pictures...lots2 of pictures..
and you can like go straight home because U felt so bored spending your 15 minutes just to be there...but I did have this picture..

bendera tue tinggi benar ok..!
I Love Malaysia..!!

anyway, the other day I went to Klcc and have breakfast there..
I really love to eat kfc a.m ,meal where they cost rm4 and U get to have a nice teh tarik with a cheesy egg bun..but that morning I was like super hungry so I had the a.m meal and also a new one which I just try..the combo breakfast which have a bun, egg, sort of the potato, and also hot drinks which I took teh tarik and the other one was for my sister..

see...I told you so I eat a lot..

anyway, the breakfast was tasty and I finish it all up~

the Klcc tower I took..pretty nice isn't it..

and I also watch the fountain..its a peaceful feeling just by looking at the water U know..
and then the day-dreaming happen..and all of the sudden U are back in reality life when Ure friends snap U out of it..lolz!

and so more exciting tour around Kl soon~
to be continue~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Excited for the new group assignment!!! :-)

mood: excited

Assalamualaikum and hello dear awesome readers...
am I looking fat???
(^_^) yup...I sure did...
it must be because I like to eat so much...
Alhamdulillah praise to Allah Al-Mighty...Im healthy..!!

so how's your day?
Im sure some of you are tied up with the shift of work and now piss for not having an extra day of off day right..especially to those that works like a robot..
okay Im just stating this stuff about my best friend Ain..sorry dear!!!

anyway, lets move on with the exact topic
Yes, finally my first EVER assignment that Im so thrill on doing so much of course is about what I like most about are things that related to foods and beverages...and now you know why Im taking course Hotel Management and Hotel and Catering...

and so...the question goes like this..

"A customer has approached your hospitality operation requesting a quotation for an event. The customer has requested that you come up with a themed event for 300 pax. The following are the details that have been asked for by the customer:

  • the event have a five star, six course Western set menu
  • the event provide five star, professional service
  • the event be held at a prestigious location
  • the event will have five star entertainment
"The customer only has a maximum budget of RM85 000, and your operation MUST make at least 40% for this event.

and so I thought..hurm....what kind of place that is suitable for this kind of event..
If Im the customer, I would really like my event to be held at night...because its much more cooler at night...and the second thing is because I like lights so I was thinking that I might consider doing the event at the lake..

the theme could be a black and white or black and red..hurm still haven't make up my mind yet but it must be something easy to work with
the food and beverage of course I must choose something that is interesting, prestigious and I must careful count the cost so that it is within the budget and so I thought of the French Western Set Menu...for example "Chicken Breast Filled with Prawns and Avocado served with Seasonal Greens and Mushroom Sauce

and then this is not a individual assignment so I cannot go all out alone...I need to seat and discuss with my group mate and all..the due date is on 18th wish me luck!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aidilfitri terakhir buatnya (-_-;;

Gambar Ibu susuanku sebelah kiri, Umiku sebelah kanan pada hari raya

Assalamualaikum dan Salam sejahtera buat semua blogger2 walau di mana jua anda berada

Maafkan saya jika anda dapati entri kali ini macam agak suram sedikit..
Saya baru kehilangan Ibu susuan saya yang saya selalu panggil Mak Chaq awal pagi semalam pada jam 2 pagi.
berita ini saya terima dari adik saya Najmie yang sedang menangis teresak-esak memberitahu ibu susuan saya sudah tiada...saya yang ketika itu kaku dan hanya mampu menyebut Innalillahiwa innailaihirajiun terus bangun lalu mendapatkan kakak dan adik saya yang pada ketika itu sedang nyenyak tidur..


ringkaskan cerita saya, kakak, dan adik gerak dari rumah pada jam 7.30 pagi ke Plaza Rakyat dengan menaiki lrt dan membeli tiket bas Etika yang paling awal pada jam 9 pagi
boleh di katakan sepanjang perjalanan pipi saya sentiasa di basahi oleh air mata..

Alhamdulillah kami selamat sampai di Shahab Perdana Alor Setar pada jam 3 lebih dan Umi, Najmie, Quratul Ain, dan adik bongsu saya Wahida datang menjemput..

hantar Wahida pulang ke sekolahnya, dan ke rumah di Jitra..
pada ketika itu yang ada hanyalah Anak2 perempuan arwah ibu susuan, dan besan...
saya yang pada ketika itu masih sedih hanya mampu terdiam dan melihat yang lain sembang2 antara satu sama lain..lidah kelu..xmampu nak nyatakan apa sebenarnya perasaan yang tengah rasa ketika itu..melihat Kak long ( kak sedara yg rapat dengan saya) sedang tidur keletihan dan kesedihan..

agak petang sedikit Kak long saya pon menceritakan bagaimana Ibu susuan meninggal di bahunya...dan bagaimana Ibu susuan teringin melihat saya kahwin..membuatkan saya bertambah2 sebak dan menangis di dalam dakapan Umi saya..

Majlis Tahlil di adakan di Masjid Tanjung Pauh..
pulangnya saya di rumah (Sintok) pada malam selepas Maghrib baru sedar yang saya membiarkan perut kosong lalu menjamah sesuatu untuk memberi tenaga untuk malam hari..

Buat arwah..terima kasih di atas segalanya..dari menjaga saya masa kecik..hinggalah besar...dan kerana berada di masa2 saya sakit..segala kenangan lalu bersama xkan saya lupakan..
kenangan raya kali ini x sangka merupakan kenangan yang terakhir..
semoga roh arwah di tempatkan di dalam golongan yang beriman..
kawan2...mari kita sama2 sedekahkan Al-fatihah buat arwah bole?

(-_-;; Mak...I love You so in peace okay..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wedding Plan (^_^)

cute kid..I should hire you to be the flower girls..

Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers..

Tq for stopping by at my so crooked blog which I haven't get the chance to upgrade it yet..'s your weekend? Pretty tide up with the open house is it...???
well I really love attending open house because I can stuff my mouth with lots of deeeelicious n tasty foods which I love to eat so much and must have Satay in it...because I can eat like 10 -15 at a time...okay Intan lets not brag about it...

This post is more on the issue that I was planning for my so-call-future dress which I wish to wear on the day I got married...which is I donno when...pfft!

hoping that one of the wishes may come true on the special day of my life and that is to wear a dress...a gown.does not actually have to be the one that is a long one that can sweep all the dust on the floor okay...just a simple one and it must be a gown..okay2 lets not mention the word "gown" for 2 below is the gown which I think maybe its similar to the one I wanted...

the normal decent gown...

muslimah gown..

or maybe an elegant gown???

or maybe an outstanding gown...
will look good on you once you walk on the red carpet...
that is if there's a red carpet of course...

and while planning for the fairy tale moment..I thought if I to wear a gown or a dress...
what will my Man would wear right..
and so...I search for a tuxedo...

red, white, black...very nice...

or maybe He could wear this suit..
look below

so there you have so call dress future wedding plan..
what do you think you should wear on your wedding day??

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Semester about to start!

Assalamualaikum and Hello...hello...hello to all my dearest readers
feeling great this morning?
it must be from the comfortable bed and blanket and a nice dream U had right?
plus a good breakfast to start your day...

anyway, today I would like to talk more about my new semester registration which I successfully registered on the 1st September since the last day for registration would be on 8th September..
and plus its been done thru online..
at the student portal of course...

yeah, if U can see the picture above, it shows how happy the cute kid are because he had to show his awesome face at U and U had to believe that he's awesome

please believe it...

this semester would be a long semester
not that long actually..only 5 month
and after that final exam...
so I took 5 subject this semester since 6 subject are not allowed to be taken and I doubt that I can pay attention to lots of subject at a short month..
so my class would be from Monday to Thursday
normal time from 8 am to 6.30 pm
after 6.30 pm, students will be learning with the part time students

5 subjects taken this semester would be

  • MPW 1143 Islamic Studies
  • UFS 104 Critical and Creative Thinking
  • TDC 203 Hospitality Cost Control
  • TDH 222 Customer Service in Hospitality
  • UFS 301 Essential Business Communication Skills
pretty strong subject dont U think??

I shall go thru this semester with a new hope, new motivation, new strength and new attitude..
so wish me all the best k?

Chaiyok2 Intan!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eid Mubarak story (^_^)

Assalamualaikum and Happy Eid Mubarak everyone...!!!

My Eid Mubarak celebration this year was fantastic, awwwwwwesome!!
Can't actually express it with words but maybe U could see them in some of the pictures I've uploaded for ya'll to see them..

The first Eid Mubarak was celebrated with the morning prayer at the mosque..
after that, we eat together since every year there will always been food provided in front of the mosque...they got variety of Lemang, ketupat, rendang, laksa (I think) Nasi Tomato (Tomato Rice) and they got fried chicken, Acar timun n nenas, got some of the curry meat or Dalca I think..
Alhamdulillah..praise to Allah for the delicious foods...
and then went back home and prepared myself with the new clothe and all...
the theme for my Baju Raya this year would be Red and Black..
which U could see them above...
that would be my profile picture at "facebook"..
anyway...carry on...

nice color isn't it??

The first day of Eid was with family and relatives and also my mom's closest friends..
I must say that this year..there are lots of changes
this year..I get to meet like all of my mother's brothers and sisters...
and their children and grandchildren...soo cute meh!!okay...Im so envy now.
Mommy...I want to get married soon okay..LOLz!

this is how my dress looks like..
very comfy!

the 2nd day we celebrate it by going to my mom's friend house..
just 2 house I think...but that took like way so much of my time
but cannot blame my mom...I had fun with my sisters..we snap lots of pictures

and this would be 1 of them...(^_^)

the 3rd day of Eid we went to Jitra since my sister Najmie had a BBQ with her school mate friends after Asar and I myself want to be with my I get to meet Anim, Diena and Sarah..

this is me n my niece..Quratul Ain...ain't she the cutest!!
so cute I always end up biting her cheek..:-p

carry on with the next day..on 3rd September...
I had to say goodbye to Najmie..she's going back to KL...
and Wahida because she's going back to her school at Alor Setar
and so we have a family photo before send Najmie off..

missing person: Najmie..and the camera man appears in the picture..Abg Hafiz..

f.y.i: this is the new KFC and the only one in Changlun...
so we had to go and eat there..LOLz!

after that~
went to Jitra..

with my sister Khadijah n Aini chan~

the last story would be...

the last day of Eid I had which are yesterday
I went with a friend, and my sister to Bukit Kayu Hitam, Alor Setar, Jitra and UUM
and I had just a few of pictures to show...
nothing much actually but it was fun..

pictures taken in the car by Aini Chan~

this pictures taken in front of the Istana Anak Bukit... awesome are your Eid Mubarak this year??