Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Excited for the new group assignment!!! :-)

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Assalamualaikum and hello dear awesome readers...
am I looking fat???
(^_^) yup...I sure did...
it must be because I like to eat so much...
Alhamdulillah praise to Allah Al-Mighty...Im healthy..!!

so how's your day?
Im sure some of you are tied up with the shift of work and now piss for not having an extra day of off day right..especially to those that works like a robot..
okay Im just stating this stuff about my best friend Ain..sorry dear!!!

anyway, lets move on with the exact topic
Yes, finally my first EVER assignment that Im so thrill on doing so much of course is about what I like most about are things that related to foods and beverages...and now you know why Im taking course Hotel Management and Hotel and Catering...

and so...the question goes like this..

"A customer has approached your hospitality operation requesting a quotation for an event. The customer has requested that you come up with a themed event for 300 pax. The following are the details that have been asked for by the customer:

  • the event have a five star, six course Western set menu
  • the event provide five star, professional service
  • the event be held at a prestigious location
  • the event will have five star entertainment
"The customer only has a maximum budget of RM85 000, and your operation MUST make at least 40% for this event.

and so I thought..hurm....what kind of place that is suitable for this kind of event..
If Im the customer, I would really like my event to be held at night...because its much more cooler at night...and the second thing is because I like lights so I was thinking that I might consider doing the event at the lake..

the theme could be a black and white or black and red..hurm still haven't make up my mind yet but it must be something easy to work with
the food and beverage of course I must choose something that is interesting, prestigious and I must careful count the cost so that it is within the budget and so I thought of the French Western Set Menu...for example "Chicken Breast Filled with Prawns and Avocado served with Seasonal Greens and Mushroom Sauce

and then this is not a individual assignment so I cannot go all out alone...I need to seat and discuss with my group mate and all..the due date is on 18th wish me luck!!!

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