Thursday, October 29, 2009

so sorry meh...

i am in a hurry so my entry for this post is about me apologizing to all of you

from the previous post,there is still one more entry that i seem to make as I am going to Kl today
my bus ticket is at 8.30 am and just want to apologize because after this i will have a hard time

to update any entry because i have the orientation, the first few weeks that i have to cope leaving at kl and no worries about that since i'll be staying with aini...huhu...!
can't wait for it doh..

so wish me a safe journey and hope to still have the chance to post an entry soon as i'll be

storing about me with my learning and coping at KLMU...

so do take care and hope that U'll miss
me k...

this is just something to share.....

its my memory when i'm at Seri medan batu pahat with my family and my grandma..

miss U a lot!

okay thats all, got to go....bye....!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

naJmie's conVocatiOn day...

morning schedule:

let see...around 7 am to 11.oo am me,aini and wahida lepakking in d room mom and kak ijah went to najmie's convocation early morning.. and as 4 abg remi,he is in his room sleeping... 11.20 am to 2.30 pm at 11 am we checked out and went to get the car washed, eat at Mydin's foodcourt... and went to the Sri Negeri's hall just in time when the door of the hall opens and peoples start coming out...
and we met abg hafiz (my brother in law) he brought his nikon D90.

wuhuuu~ well...this is the pictures taken so enjoy...

in the crowded!

after we finally found najmie...she's crying... well u can see that... she tried to call us and search for us unfortunately she couldn't find us and she begin to cry
sabor2 yeee...?

f.y.i: she got the MOPA award and get herself a RM500 checked!

congratulation sis!

after she cools down a bit we snap this picture... and this...

and her alone..

with her friends...

the black and white picture...

and me alone....

with my family....

and this is the pictures taken outside before the cramp seats at the back

pretty cool huh???

hahahaha! i can't stop laughing till i entered the car...
we had so much fun because we are together now...
we wait for najmie to send her hand over the robe at the counter
and we head to the Mydin....again...because my sisters are hungry
and so we eat and eat until we're full so that the journey will be smooth without stopping and we could arrive early at my grandma's house...

passenger in d car to Sri Medan batu Pahat...

infront: abg remi and abg hafiz

in the middle seats: mom,najmie and wahida

at the back seats: aini,me and kak ijah...

seriously,we need a bus here!

we arrive at my grandma's house around 7.30 pm


p/s: i met Ayie, a friend of mine well actually its najmie's friend and we met at kak ijah's wedding...we're JUST friends okay...


melaka here we come!

time depart from kl: 11.30 am
time arrival: 1.30 pm

passenger in d car:
abg remi
and kak ijah

the picture taken before i went into the car..
cramp at the back seats...!!!!

once we arrive at Nilai, i took over driving to Melaka since abg remi felt sleepy..
u won't want to drive in that condition right?
so i drove all the way to Melaka...
with the helps from the signboard and finally we arrive at the hotel...
checked in which we got the room at the 3rd floor...
since the hotel didn't have the elevator...we had to burn some fat there just to get to our room the time we arrive in front of our room...we are sooo exhausted and thirsty..
then after sending our bags and stuff...
we went out to eat and since Jusco is near by...
this is the pictures taken by kak ijah...

the food i ate...

the foods is deeeeelicious!

i've become the cashier for this trip huhuuu~
neyh, mom trust me on taking care of the money for the foods

after lunch, we went for a tour around the hotel where najmie's staying and we come across this we decided (neyh acctually with mom's permission) to enter this building...

this is the wrong place actually...

but it didnt bother me, i still have the moods to take pictures...

more pictures of it...
the place is a must to go to...

that night at 8.15 pm, we went out for diNner at Medan Selera somewhere...forgot the place

then we stop at this place...just to snap some pictures..
kinda fun huhuh~

then we head back to the hotel and went to bed...
got a big day tomorrow...


keyL...& registration???

i'm hommmmmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!

yeah,glad to be back!
i'm scared at first because my sister Aini talk mom into leaving me at Kl with her and not letting me home because of the financial problem that i am facing....
but the thing is..
besides the stuff that i brought isn't the issue..
the problem is....i am not ready to stay there yet..just not yet
besides i've got a couple of things to take care of at kedah and i will be going back there once i've finished with it..

okay...skip the cutting and pasting already...gees!
anyway..the story begins like this....

first the passenger in the car would be from kedaH were...(I HAVE TO TELL)

and the volunteer driver is my cousin, Abg Remi...

so our journey begins around 10.15 pm where i drove from Jitra to Alor Star..
and from there we pick up abg remi...
and he took over and drove all the way to Sg Buloh..
time depart: 10.40 pm
time arrival: 3 am

wawawa~still early meh..
'what to do', i think...
and then we went for a light morning snack and chat for a while
we had bread and a hot milo..
i bumped into my old school friend,his name is K.A well actually that is his nick name
i must say he turn out to be hot....! well he is still handsome since school and he is one of the hot and attractive guys in my school and i'm just an ordinary girl..
its a good thing he didnt know me..
macam tgok artis lak!
hahhaa....handsome tera mane pown kalau smoke...erm sorry...tak ku pandang lah..
anti smokers doh..
and right after we finished our light snack, we went into the car and sleep...
about 2 hours after that i woke up and look around..
mak aih, ramai kot orang kat situ
around 5.30 i wake mom up and we went to the shower room to take our bath..
men,its refreshing after that...!
but had to wait for wahida since she take her sweet time
after that we went for a solat subuh and continue our journey to KLMU in jalan raja laut...

due to the earliness arrival, we had our breakfast at the near by foodcourt...
i must say the breakfast i took is quite heavy for a starting meal of the day..

this is me waiting to refill the forms and pay for my fees...

around 8.55 am we went at the first floor at the administration department
i've filled in some forms and pay the hostel and learning fees about RM650.00
aini came by at the first floor and greet me and we went at the lobby because my brother in law and her mom drop Kak ijah since she will be going with us to melaka afterwords...

this is me and Aini....
i'm officially the KLMU's student....wuhuuu!

next stop....the hostel where i put my things at Aini's place...
yup, for the time being i'll be staying with aini until i get the information that i can stay there permanently...
and so below is the pictures taken by my sister kak ijah while we're waiting for the elevator to come up since it is at d 7th floor meh...

its a bit dark....

to be continue.......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

entry by entry after dis...

okay 4 this entry I would like to add the title 4 every entry that i am going to make after this
starting tomorrow night, I am on my way to KL as I've told U before in the recent post...
so I shall put the title for the entry as to remind me of which entry i should post for the coming new entry..

1) keyL..

2) registration/taking Aini on d way

3) melaka here we come!

4) naJmie's conVocatiOn day...

5) momeNts at JohoR...

okay thats all the entry that I would update later...
so have a wonderful day
stay healthy be happy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

give me a minute~

after the two days of having problem after problem
i think i could use a bit time to rest..
my back is killing me just by sitting on this chair although the chair is fine and comfortable
but the pain on my back and my butt still there..
doesn't seem to be kinda better...let it be

well lookin at my schedule for this week seems to be getting busier than ever since this thursday me and my family are going to KL to send my clothe and things plus meet aini and she will be following us to take my sister and her husband at Gombak and then continue our journey to Melaka on Friday...and sleep at somewhere and the next that on saturday went for Najmie's convocation and after that we head to Johor...
and then went back to Kedah
because wahida has to attend her exam next monday
i haven't pack up my things...
so well...i'm off now to pack my things and search for them
so...take care....

love U guys so much!

pasal hal nie lagi...

semak pale aku niey..
nape la aku lak jadi orang tengah antara korang berdua..
penat taw dak
buang abis kedit aku jur...

berguling2 di lantai

pagi2 jugak ler masa mood aku nak baik skit ade jer korang nak mengacau daun...

entah lah..
wahai readers2 di luar sane.
help me laaaa...
rase mcm nak muntah jur nieh

bace sms yang dia kirimkan:

1) knock2..ngah wt pew?? kte dtg nk cri psl..ko nie mmg pmpuan xpham bhase kn..asyk nk ggu pakwe Owg je..ak dh ckp kn jng msg die..npe kO msg jgk ha...pmpuan xb'prasaan la kO nie..ske sngt nk hncr kn hti kaum sjnis ko???
2)kte dh jnji bnda nie rhsia antre kte ne die lh tau plak...klu xd angin msekn pkk bgoyng..
3)since skang pOn die lh tau sy contact awk pe lg ble sy bg tau nme sy kt awk....smue 2 xmenjamn yg ia akn jd rhsie...
4) the problm is die ckp ngan awk kt die'slamt b'bhgia ngan si dia' xkn sy plak yg reka crta...
5) ala smue 2 alasn jew..tlg la jgn ggu die lg.klu die msg pon awk xlyn xjdi kn...tlg la jauh kn dri pon pmpuan cm awk xkn awk xlh nk pk...awk xpnh rse pakwe awk d'rmps...ble awk dh rse awk akn fhm prasaan sy..fkr2 kn la bkn nk cri gduh...n sy xske cri msuh..tpi skali Org wt s'rbu sy bls..nie antre xlh nk lpas kn die...sbb hbungan sy ngan die dh t'llu jauh...keep a secret mrayu ngan awk bnde nie xlh smpai die tau...

kesimpulannya di sini....first of all bukan sy yang contact dia,dia yg contact sy...and ape akan jadi kalau kawan yang kite kenal tibe2 perangai dia lain skit dari kebiasaan dia?
mesti la kita sibuk nak taw ape punce dia..? yer dia call sy banyak kali..itu la sahabat..
tapi when it comes to this kind of isu yang hal cintan cintun nie...i give up...
i xnak la menghancurkan hubungan orang especially kaum i sendirik...ape kan daye...
antara kaum sendiri or sahabat yang lama kta kenal and rapat mane 1 yang nak pertahankan?
and second of all....memg sy rahsiakan semua nie dr dia...
yang ke tiga..tah dia yang reka cerita nie kot sebab sy minte dia bgtaw name sampai ke sudah dia bgtaw.pastue siap pesan lak mase sy nak tinggalkan kwn sy nie...jng lak lukakan atiey dia lebiy2 sampai dia xley balik perlis...apekebende..?????
kate syg tapi nak bg kwn sy rase terluka mcam mane dia rase..
ade ke patot....
haaaaa..???kena lukakan atiey my membe...uuuu xsanggup lor..
nanti eden yang troyak lebiy2
what to do men~
pasal yang no 4 tue ape dia tulis pown sy xfaham..lantak ah..!
yang ke lima...? entah lah...malas nak jawab...poning x habis2 lagi nie...
huh? hubungan da far jauh..? hurm memg la jauh....lama sgt da ker bersama 3smpai 5 tahun...?
as i dig and dig lagi cerita dia...
makin plek jur bunyi....
nie mesej terbaru dia...

6) owh yg sy nktau skrg nie die msg ngn awk gne no mne?? hri2 kew awk msg ngan die?? n sy nk tau no yg die gne mse msg ngan awk 2 blh???
haaaah??????? no tipon pown x tau..?
gawat nieh..? makin ar pompuan nie sy pkir..
and then dia msj sy dia cakap yang kawan sy nie pakai dua nombor...lor...
pkir la plak ade betulnye dia ade 2 anset...
aduh,makin parah aku pkir2 mcm nie..
da le mati kutu da nak wat cam ne.. me out...i'm dying inside pkir bende nie...!!!!!
tolonglah wahai readers yang baik hati...
give me an idea how to handle this problem...
should i say goodbye to my sengal friend?????

di KaLaku terbaring.....

sering kali mase nak masuk tido jer aku dok sorang2 atas katil termenung sambil tengok kipas kat syiling tue duk pusing2..
mase tue macam2 bermain dalam mindaku
sedang mase manusia tengah lena dibuai mimpi~
aku xley nak lelapkan mate..
fikiran aku terus melayang2..lama la juge..
lebiy kurang sejam..
agaknya kalau bawak kete sekarang da sampai ke sungai petani kot..?
ape yang aku fikirkan..?

aku sering ingatkan diri setiap hari untuk melakukan sesuatu kebaikkan..
agar aku ley ubah cara aku dari segi pemikiran,perkataan,perasaan..
kenapa aku nak ubah perasaan? bukan mcm tue maksudnye
perasaan yang aku nak ubah ialah perasaan geram dan benci pada orang yang membuat ku merana..yang menyusahkan hidup aku..
tapi...aku terfikir semula..
wajarkah aku membencinye? layakkah aku untuk menghukumnye?
ternyata hati aku tetap berkata....biarlah...serah sahaja pada Allah..
insan yang teraniaya akan dimakbulkan doanya...aku berfikir..
kemudian fikiran aku melayang pula kepada apa yang telah aku lakukan suatu masa dahulu...
semasa aku masih mempunyai ayah...semasa arwah ada..
adakah aku menjadi seorang anak yang baik dan taat kepadanya?
sekali imbas kenangan ku bersama arwah...aku nangis dalam hati..
takut disedari oleh umiku dan adikku..
di dalam keadaan gelap gelita berlampukan night light kecil di hujung meja solek membuatkan aku bertambah sayu dan pilu..
dari pandanganku di atas perlahan2 menuju pula ke umiku...

melihat umiku yang tidur kepenatan membuatku bertambah sedih mengenangkan semula bagaimana tabahnya umiku membesarku dan adik beradikku yang lain...
ku banyak melukakan hatinya..
ku banyak melakukan sesuatu yang umiku tidak suka..
pendek kata ku bukanlah anak yang solehah..
maafkanku umi....!

sebak rasanya hati tak terhingga dengan memikirkan dosa2 ku ini...
adakah diampunkan..?

fikiranku melayang lagi....
aku teringat akan peristiwa2 yang xdapat ku lupakan..
peristiwa masa aku kecil hingga sekarang
bagaimana aku membesar,bagaimana aku membawa diriku hingga kini...
berusia 22 tahun...
pencapaian aku tetap tidak memuaskan hati..
aku xrasa macam aku dapat ape2 sangat dari ape yang aku pelajari
ku teringat suatu masa lalu ketika ku belajar di langkawi..
ketika aku baring di atas katil setelah kepenatan dengan kelas memasak..
mase tue jam 1 pagi dan mataku belum lagi mau pejam..
fikiranku seperti sekarang...melayang2...
semasa itu ku bertanya diriku....
muhasabah diri...peringatkan diriku untuk sentiasa buat yang terbaik..
sentiasa fokus pada apa yang sepatutnya..
pusing2 aku asyik2 buat bende yang x patot aku wat..
membazir mase, keje nak seronok jur, pastue nak study tue x lah sangat sebab sijil la katakan
tapi alhamdulillah nak dekat da last sem aku pulun n markah okay gak la kan..
pointer not bad..(kesedaran di saat2 akhir..mencemaskan)
tapi kadang2 aku pkir semula adakah sebab salah memilih kawan yang membuatku jadi seperti kemalasan hendak belajar..?
mungkin ya...mungkin juga tidak...?
namun jawapanku tetap mengatakan ya..kes kawan2 aku semua da malas nak blajar dah
jika tidak tentu rakan2ku akan memaksaku untuk sambung belajar selepas sudah selesai graduate kolej tue..
tapi end up semua sibuk dengan keja masing2..
pendek kata semua bagai gila dapat duit banyak disebabkan experience kami mase belajar dulu
banyak pula tempat2 yang panggil tuk interview bekerja...
tapi sekarang ramai da masuk belajar semula..alhamdulillah aku tumpang gembira buat mereka

berbalik pada apa yang menggu fikiran aku sebenarnya...

selesai sudah umiku dan adikku ambilku di langkawi,
xlama selepas itu nenekku dimasukkan ke dalam wad..
sesak nafas, xdapat diselamatkan dan meninggal..
selepas itu ku mengikut kak long ke kulim bekerja di kilang membuat sarung tangan
dan atas perasaan dengki jugalah semua ini membawa kepada pembukaan kedai labu sayung dan kedai makan di situ dengan bantuan ibuku dan suami kak long...
dugaan menjadi2 apabila perniagaan itu tidak beroleh keuntungan walaupown setelah membuka kedai makan..dan juga melibatkan diri sedikit dengan bisnes lain..tetap x dapat faedah daripadanya
dengan perbincangan dan persetujuan umiku pulanglahku di sisi umiku buat seketika..
menunggu kak long bersalin...
ku bekerja di hotel seketika
dan macam2 terjadi kakaku selamat berkahwin...
(ini berita gembira macam mana ley sesat kat sini)abaikan
aku bekerja pula di Hosba..
mengharapkan juga agar kesedihan serta penat lelah selama ini akan lenyap sedikit demi sedikit..
namun timbul pula perkara lain di tempat kerja..
dan semestinya aku akan beringat selepas ini bahawa aku tidak akan sama sekali bekerja di tempat yang baru nak membangun....kerna impaknya terlalu besar dan memenatkan badan dan juga menyakitkan hati..

(mengeluh seketika) memikirkan semua ini membuatkan sel2 dlm otak aktif seakan2 aku baru bangun pada waktu pagi..
di sini ada banyak lagi yang aku tidak masukkan masalah2 kerna akan menjadikan entri ini semakin panjang hnya kerna nak menceritakan masalah2 aku itu
tapi hanya 1 yang dapat aku katakan di sini...
walau apa pon terjadi aku sentiasa kagum dan bangga dengan umi..
kerna umi adalah ibu yang tabah, yang penyabar, yang paling ku kagumi dan aku mendoakan agar ibuku sihat dan bahagia (dengan caranya yang tersendiri)
ape2 pown umi....
i hope u can do ur best 4 ure phd!

setelah selesai memikirkan semuanya itu...aku tersenyum seketika
pahit dan manis dirasai bersama2 keluargaku...

*kesedaran di pagi hari*

Monday, October 19, 2009


mad face.jpg

mood aku sekarang tengah hot!
so hot sampai aku nak makan banyak2..
so hot sampai mandi 10 x hari nie pown lum tentu wat aku reda
so hot sampai aku nak tulis entri nie
so hot sampai aku call habis kawan2 aku tuk luahkan
so hot sampai aku rase nak dengar adik aku wat presentation pasal tajuk

why women choose to stay single?


memang patot pown sebab aku kena stay single!


ditipu oleh lelaki

kata single tapi.....hampeh pompuan keliling pinggang....!!!
aku kesian kat semua kaum2 aku yang x taw langsung diorang tue hnyalah awek yang no ke 2 smpai 10!
tipu juga boleh dikategorikan dengan perkataan manis2 tetapi semuanya hanyalah dusta
nie ape yang aku edit skit dari apa yang aku bualkan dengan awek pada kawan aku tue
bengang gak aku walaupown aku xheran sebenarnye
tapi sebab aku yang ade dlm keadaan nie..lagi bengang kan???!

tuk kawan aku yang Sengal nie
nanti ar ko...aku sekeh pala laju2..!

hal sendirik pown x reti nak settle...wat aku hot jer pagi2 nie..!

aku dapat panggilan nie dari semlam lagi..
oleh sebab aku tengok nombor nie xdikenali so aku wat keputusan tuk wat donno jer
aku x angkat...
sampai pagi nie...
dalam pkul 11.32 am...
mood aku mase tue tengah best layan barn buddy ngan farmville aku yang aku mula2 berjinak2 nak jaga la kan..
tetibe je dia call lagi..
aku pown pkir maybe lelaki mane sesat nak wat2 silap tekan2 nombor la tue
so aku kasik la kat najmie...
dia yang tolong aku jawabkan...

D.I.A: hello
najmie: hello
D.I.A: nie sape dia
najmie: siti..
D.I.A: xkan siti saja...?
najmie: siti fairuz...(sambil tergelak2 najmie dibuatnye)
mase tue aku jeling2 jur kat najmie tanye sape dia..
D.I.A: ......
talipon terpadam

lor.....aku tnye sape dia...najmie kate pompuan...
aku kehairanan...
pompuan mane lak la yang call aku pagi2 nie..
talipon berdering~

nega mi chosso conda mi chosso~ bunyi lagu are u crazy by Son Dam Bi ft Eric
lagu kesukaan aku ler...
aku pown angkat la memandangkan pompuan kan yang call...

aku: hello
D.I.A: siti fairus ade..?
aku: sy bercakap...nape..?
D.I.A: awak ade hubungan ape yer dengan (name sengal tue) aku buh huruf S k?
aku: nama apa? S? ade ramai kawan nama S...S tue asal dari mane?
D.I.A: S dia kasik nama full lak ( aku lak x hafal nama bapak dia kan)
dia dari Perlis, pernah stay kat kedah sekarang lak kat Subang
awk kenal x?
aku: huh perlis? kedah area mana yer..?
D.I.A: (kwn belakang dia menyampuk) alor setar...
awak kenal x S nie?
aku: setau sy la nama yg awk sebut tue ade la member skolah
D.I.A: a'a dia ade mention awk ngan dia tue member sejak sekolah

nie beberapa point yang aku ley cite serbe sedikit tentang jadinya masalah nie...
okay, mase tue aku da mula la kenal S yang dia maksudkan tue...
kes budak S yang sengal nie..
dulu dia ske la kat aku since kitorang nie rapat kes nak speaking jer...
kenal la ati and semua..
tapi sebabnye aku nie waktu tue perasaan x berape sangat nak couple2 nie..
and dia lak duk mintak2 nak kawan sampai call mak aku la nak minta kawan ngan aku
aku kagum la kan keberanian dia...since mak aku strict skit..
so da tue dia ngan aku pown kapel la tapi bile kawan berubah jadi kekasih nie paham2 la
payah siut....sebelum nie semua ley cite..tapi pas da jd kekasih aku jadi x berapa selesa la dia duk tanye itu ini kalah polis trafik lak..n selalu mintak perhatian yang melebih2
mesej x balas skit mula pkir yang bukan2....
kate faham aku tapi jelus tah hape2...
so aku ngan dia kerap gaduh pasal bende yang x masuk akal...
sampai aku pown sakit atie and last aku wat keputusan tuk berpisah
and setelah lama gak le x contact....
seingat aku dia yang start contact dulu..
tapi as a fren jur...dia luahkan mcm2 cerita cinta dia n macam nak wat aku sedih and sakit hati
dia cakap dia x dapat lupakan aku..dia cakap dia sygkan aku lagi...and kate kalau aku sanggup terima dia,dia akan tinggalkan awek2 dia tue...(yea dia kapel dua sebab dia skit aku tgalkan dia)
hurm....tah pa pe..aku pown da xcontact dia...
tapi sebab atas friendship aku...aku beri dia pluang sekali lagi...
dia cakap dia x kan lagi buat ape yang dia wat dulu (curang)
so kami kapel balik....
and sampai 1 ketika aku da kate aku x dapat terima dia and hanya anggap dia sebagai kawan
dia terluka...
aku pown terluka gak..(mcm menyalahkan diri)
tapi sebab dia pkir kawan lah kami contact balik sedangkan membe2 aku semua larang kami bersama
tapi serius dlm hati aku memg x dapat nak maafkan dia lagi kes dia curang tue
so jadi kami kawan jur..
faham lah kot yer..


aku:ya, kami memang kawan pown..tapi setakat tue da jelaskan ape yang patot kat dia sebelum nie yang sy dgn dia hnya setakat kawan jer n xkan boleh jd kekasih
D.I.A: yea sy taw awk kawan dia tapi dia x anggap awk macam kawan dia..dia anggp awak mcm kekasih dia lagi...even parents dia pown kenal awk....
aku: yes, tapi itu semua dulu...sekarang x dah kan..kami hnya kawan...
D.I.A: ya kawan...tapi di hati dia hnya nmpak awk....even sy pown dia x anggap macam awek..
jadi sy minta awk jgn contact dia lagi...
aku: okay....(selepas lama mendiamkan diri)
tapi sy xdapat nak halang dia dari call sy ataw msg sy...
sebab itu antara awk and dia...

da la aku malas nak cerita
kesimpulannya aku x boleh da le contact budak sengal tue...
aku nak lupekan dia...harap dia x cari aku dah and dia xkan contact aku sebab aku nak mendiamkan diri..
aku nak stay away dari dia sebab aku nak jadi aku..
aku nak fokus kat pelajaran aku
aku nak realisasikan impian aku...
cita2 aku.....
xkesah la pasal dunia percintaan....
semuanya sudah tertulis kan jodoh,ajal,pertemuan perpisahan segalanya sudah ditentukan
segalanya tak penting lagi bagi aku..
kerana aku ada agenda aku yang tersendiri....
and aku malas la nak amik taw hal orang....macam masuk umah tangga org lak kan
ape pown aku x kecik ati...

sendiri mau pkir
kalau kite da wat sesuatu yang x baik
menganiaya org...
menipu org...
menfitnah orang...
ingatlah....semua tue....
akan dibayar

salam kesedaran dariku
*tapi ini bukan tuk semua kaum adam yang tak kena mengena langsung dengan ape yang aku tulis

Sunday, October 18, 2009

dinNer inviTation aT EDC..

this post happen to be after the whole incident of me fell in the bathroom tinggy..
so after the pain at my butt and my back...
i lay down in my room wondering if I would able to go to the dinner or not
as i lay down and think and take a deep breathe...
i say to myself...'whatever'
so i start to walk like an injured person
put on my clothe and a bit touch up for the face
and by 8.20 pm me n my family arrive at EDC hotel..
just a 5 minutes drive
once we arrive at the hotel i tried so hard to walk in a normal way
but inside i'm crying ma..
well the pain is still 'fresh'

but i manage to go until I finally get my seat and slowly seated with a happy sort of face
after the short speech from the VIP guest n all,
we are invited to take our foods on the buffet line
so i carefully walk to the buffet line and took my foods and all
i have to say...the feelings is like you just finish having an operation and you begin to walk right after the resuscitation...
okay well the food is deeeeeelicious i tell ya..
and happy to see my friends there and my supervisor as I've told u before i use to work there
as a waitress..
i try to take his pictures but he went home early and well its okay..

so enjoy the pictures..

awful time~

had an accident last night around 7.35 pm

in the bathroom

trip on something blue

does it hurt?
u bet it does...

how are you at that moment?
don't know what to say...
my whole body is aching
i felt like going for a massage or going for an x-ray for my back bone

how are u feeling today?
well, nothing seems to be any better....
i walk like a duck
my butt is hurt and so is my back..
i couldn't get much sleep last night because i couldn't find the right position and since someone sort a kick me at the back...well i'm not angry
maybe i get this incident because of bad stuff i did before
and totally before i took shower last night
my mom already babble about me taking my bath around maghrib time
so aaaaaaa maybe its kinda my fault
i didn't listen..
well it happen someday anyway..
since the bathroom floor is a bit slippery...
not that bit its really slippery coz mom use to fell before..
this matter is to be blame at the person whom made the floor...


end of my awful time~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

my simple and messy thoughts

although my heart and mind are not together right now
i still able to smile

well dis does not have to do with me feelings happy about getting another boyfriend or anything
its just that i am happy to further my study at Kl
yes2...thats the main tinggy that i want to put up for this entry..
you mind is flying to the place where i am going soon
but my heart is still here...
in this very small tiny place where i use to be
apart from being able to get over it....
yea yea...siLLy me..
this is very important Intan...

just get it done with! (REMINDING MYSELF)
As I would with it!
well things would be different back then when i'm not for the mood of "learning"
and I could say my mentality is NEVER been creative and innovative enough to SEE the future further and more clearer....if only u could see me back then....
i have trouble myself doing things that I'm not suppose to do...
not that i'm a bad girl....
maybe naughty as a giRl whom like to explore things rather than busy with learning
since i dont like thinking so much *ahem
and so aaaaaa....
yup, I enjoy life....
I enjoy the learning process while I'm at Langkawi back then...
i get some of the experience that I never thought I would able to do
because of not believing of my capability on doing things on my own
but the learning process for the pass two years thought me to be independent
to take responsible in any action or the things i chose to stick with
but then...
when i finished my studies and graduate...
I've become so lazy and all...
and listening to my friends made me stop myself from follow what my mum want to leads me
and because of that...i put myself in a new world which i chose to work and get experience
first time in my life, never work in the factory before and chose not to
somehow i am sort of been pulled by my cousin and well at that time there is not much of a choice for me and i am still scared of working with people i don't know
so I travel to Kulim and work with my cousin...
the factory of gloves...
the everyday work is the same thing..
and the environment is sooooo.....not healthy...
and because of my sinus problem i have to quit that job...
but the experience, the fun time and learning the basic of sign language made it the happy and memorable time i had and i will never forget that..despite from the negative friends i had
yup, I'm still happy!
gladly to say....all the thing that has happen to me...
there is a hidden meanings and i accept it with an open heart although what i've been trough maybe is not A BIG DEAL for some of the people..
but for some who knew about it....
IS it BIG DEaL....?
don't answer that...

well...i better make this clear though because some of u out there maybe does not have any clue what i'm trying to say
so...i'll give u some keys for this post

1. its about what i think about my past and presents..
mcm belajar grammer lak kan
2. its about my life yang mess because of my stupid decision
3. because i can hear but not to obey
4. my babble about stuff I don't think u know

so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNd thats about it!
have a wonderful afternoon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

quite a day....

okay, I'm back home after I told in the recent post that me and kak ijah went to Wahida's school at 11.30 am to 1.30 pm well actually the meeting is suppose to end up at 1 pm but things couldn't be happening as we planed.this is some of the pic taken at wahida's school parents meeting aaaand i donno the title for this

below the picture of the head master and the parents that attend the meeting

the view from the second floor in front of the Bestari hall

then we went to the COB Lego...its the name of the cafeteria at the College of Business

had lunch there actually but since the food is run out and looking at it make me lose my appetite and so we wait for najmie to finish her class around 3.30 pm
so while waiting for her with an empty and groaning stomach is something i can't bare on waiting while my eyes is searching for food so we went in the Nelson's and had ice-cream and wafer

here is the pictures of me eating my heart out!

kak ijah ask me to posed like this because she want to snap the Nelson's word

taking pictures using my cyber shot K800i eating ice-cream...yummy!

eating wafer...the inside flavor is strawberry

after eating and all go to the mall to pay the stremix bills, bought foods and head home then we get ready to go to the gym around 5 something2 we head to the gym but unfortunately the gym closed since 14 to 17? i guess?? i donno why...this is my second attempt on burning the fats but the result is so cRuel...


so we head to the Dewan Muad'zam Shah thinking on trying to have some exercise and plus taking some pictures at the beau...tiful view..
so here is the pictures...

this is me near the gym... and walking to the car

if u wonder why i am so excited on taking this picture is just 'because'....

and this and that..

and the crazy part...

i climb on this wall just to take this picture..
my ties hurt doh

with wahida~

we are the bumb!

and this made us look like what..?
you tell me...

what are you looking at..?

this is the last one so good night...