Thursday, October 29, 2009

so sorry meh...

i am in a hurry so my entry for this post is about me apologizing to all of you

from the previous post,there is still one more entry that i seem to make as I am going to Kl today
my bus ticket is at 8.30 am and just want to apologize because after this i will have a hard time

to update any entry because i have the orientation, the first few weeks that i have to cope leaving at kl and no worries about that since i'll be staying with aini...huhu...!
can't wait for it doh..

so wish me a safe journey and hope to still have the chance to post an entry soon as i'll be

storing about me with my learning and coping at KLMU...

so do take care and hope that U'll miss
me k...

this is just something to share.....

its my memory when i'm at Seri medan batu pahat with my family and my grandma..

miss U a lot!

okay thats all, got to go....bye....!


♥ayudeadwish♥ said...

selamat 'busy' k..

Shairazi Saidin said...

have a great journey Intan....btw, nice blog, do visit mine!

smiley miley -____- said...

kg einaz pun kat bp..