Thursday, October 15, 2009

quite a day....

okay, I'm back home after I told in the recent post that me and kak ijah went to Wahida's school at 11.30 am to 1.30 pm well actually the meeting is suppose to end up at 1 pm but things couldn't be happening as we planed.this is some of the pic taken at wahida's school parents meeting aaaand i donno the title for this

below the picture of the head master and the parents that attend the meeting

the view from the second floor in front of the Bestari hall

then we went to the COB Lego...its the name of the cafeteria at the College of Business

had lunch there actually but since the food is run out and looking at it make me lose my appetite and so we wait for najmie to finish her class around 3.30 pm
so while waiting for her with an empty and groaning stomach is something i can't bare on waiting while my eyes is searching for food so we went in the Nelson's and had ice-cream and wafer

here is the pictures of me eating my heart out!

kak ijah ask me to posed like this because she want to snap the Nelson's word

taking pictures using my cyber shot K800i eating ice-cream...yummy!

eating wafer...the inside flavor is strawberry

after eating and all go to the mall to pay the stremix bills, bought foods and head home then we get ready to go to the gym around 5 something2 we head to the gym but unfortunately the gym closed since 14 to 17? i guess?? i donno why...this is my second attempt on burning the fats but the result is so cRuel...


so we head to the Dewan Muad'zam Shah thinking on trying to have some exercise and plus taking some pictures at the beau...tiful view..
so here is the pictures...

this is me near the gym... and walking to the car

if u wonder why i am so excited on taking this picture is just 'because'....

and this and that..

and the crazy part...

i climb on this wall just to take this picture..
my ties hurt doh

with wahida~

we are the bumb!

and this made us look like what..?
you tell me...

what are you looking at..?

this is the last one so good night...

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