Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet Nibblets (^_^)

Hola, hola, hola dear readers..


Its been an awesome holiday for the past two weeks with my beloved family
and plus another week given by the college which Im guessing it must be because we student faced examinations like Mid term exam n final exam without study week so that would answer the question

never mind..lets leave the matter behind because I've got to story morry to all of you about my awesome holiday..

warning: this would be a long post..bare with it ya?

on my previous post I talk about my this one would be about my trip to Langkawi for 2 days and 1 night..

its not actually going on a trip and having lots of fun because me, my mom, and my two sisters went there since my mom involve with the seminar of Kaks...which obviously got to do with and bla bla bla

the seminar actually on Sunday...but we went there on Saturday morning 28th May..
That my surprise and also my family..
the jetty was packed with people on vacations or leisure, or business since its school break...
so there were bunch of cute and cuddly kids...and also teenagers, parents which came with a group...hole bunch of them..and the seats are almost full..
The tickets that we bought was like at 10 am but the announcer said the ferry delay about half an hour! What the tuuuut! And so the process of getting in the ferry...and so.. that also took a lot of time..around 11 something the ferry depart from the Kuala Perlis jetty..

this is the picture after we arrived at the jetty at Langkawi..
and so, took the cabs and went to Haji Ismail Group..from there we walk to the store near to Haji Ismail Group which located at Kuah..bought some chocolates and we eat lunch
seriously im sweating like crazy and in need to go and check in at the hotel fast

So again took a cab and head to the hotel..Eagle Bay Hotel...
at the second bad thing happen...
the room where we stay suddenly black out...
that is right after my sister switch on the button at the table.
damn it! *******
so the maintainance came to fix the problem..

right after Asar around 5 something we went out and walk at the garden in front of the Hotel...
seriously we walk all the way..snap some pictures along the way and finally arrived in the Legend Park (Taman Lagenda) seriously I never knew there's a short cut as we walk slowly through the garden and found an entry to the place...

the place was super huge I tell ya!
enjoy this pictures...
scroll down please...

please do not ask why my pose is like that because I dont have any clue on what to pose...

this picture at the garden...nice place isn't it? (^_^)

and below is the pictures in Taman Lagenda...a.k.a Legend park

seems fun is it...especially when U enjoy walking like me..
its heaven to be able to enjoy walking to places and get to see all kinds of things without skipping it. I really enjoy staying that evening...and went to eat at Saloma Nasi Lemak..with Chicken Rendang...and also got a big papadom..(^_^)

its fun to be able to go back to the place where U use to stay before..
two years I studied at Langkawi and here I am again seeing changes here and fun.and thanks to my sister for taking pictures for me..

the third bad thing happen...again with the black out...terrible..its already night..
so my mom call and ask to be at a new we change room in front of the room...
damnn it!!! ******

anyway, went for a dinner..which I don't eat..too tired already..
the next day, for brunch I force my sisters to go out and walk from the Hotel to Langkawi fair...
I thought the food court is open as usual..too my didn't..Okay...weird

and so I made my sisters follow me to my "port" where I use to eat with my friends a long time ago...the good!!! the best!

since its a bit spicy so my sister Aini want to have an ice cream at Macd..
Sundae Strawberry and Chocolate Ice cream..yum2..~!
its a best thing I have a hot ticket so I could upload some pictures...

check out at 3 pm...
the Ajk of the UUM staff send us to the jetty..
and mom bought the ticket at 4.30 pm..
again with the cursing...
damnnn it!

as we wait at the terminal station in the jetty area, the announcer said the ferry arrived about an hour....what the ********!

and again with the bad things happen..the fan the terminal does not least about 5 of could they do that..the place is packed with people and we like sweating...super hot that I need to buy myself an ice cream.

and we arrived a bit late...near the end of Maghrib..