Thursday, December 31, 2009

it is the END of 2009!!!

i love my family


that is the only WORD I can express today
it is the END of the YeaR..
and I'm so excited about it
I could feel something is working out for me for the new year
I want my life to change
it doesn't matter what it is as long as it is not the same as this year
and I...
will do WHATEVER I could to achieve it
so now...
with the starting words for the new year...
Insya-Allah, with the permission from Allah...
hope to make it happen...

so GOODBYE 2009!!!!!!


WELCOME 2010!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


.dua hari nak dekat tahun baru mula lah anak2 muda membuat plan2 yang sempoi2.
.tuk sambut countdown tahun baru.
.macam aku yang x teringin langsung nak amik kesah pasal countdown nie lah kononnya. .menyibukkan diri mengulang kaji pelajaran.
.struggling la konon padahal buka ja buku mula la nak menguap setiap setengah jam.
.ingat nak buat latihan banyak2 tapi mata tengah duk baca n buat la exercise dalam buku teks,
.tapi telinga duk dengar apa yang dikatakan dalam tb.
.tibe2 terdengar lak "welcome to the So You Think You Can Dance".
.terus aku terpa bangun pi depan tb, tinggal buku berselerak di living room.

[amboih, hebat! hebat! hebat!]
.tarian diorang mantap.
.tapi apa yang aku KURENG minat ialah pasangan "Mark" dengan "Comfort".
. sebab entah x rasa macam diorang buat yang terbaik.
.tapi Amerika tetap sokong Mark jadi dia terselamat daripada tersingkir.
.tapi yang peleknya empat peserta yang markah terendah ialah:
a) Will
b) Comfort
c) Twitch
d) Courtney
.lega aku apabila diumumkan Courtney selamat daripada tersingkir keluar minggu nie.
.tinggal 3 berentap wat kali terakhir menari dengan cara yang tersendiri.
[Will, Twitch and Comfort]
.bukan nak kata tapi Will and Twitch memang berbakat.
.Comfort terkeluar leganya.
.tapi yang ikut dia keluar tue Will....itu yang x dapat diterima.
.tarian dia hebat dan mantap.
*kehairanan sebentar lepas diumumkan calon yang tersingkir*
.dengan rasa ketidakpuashatinan aku xda mood dah nak wat exercise sangat.

:. aku belum lagi habiskan satu novel tajuk P.S. I Love You

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

aRe YoU ReaDy fOr it!!!!

mood: overkill

Year 2010 is just around the corner....
it is just two more days
and i think everyone already had their new years resolution right..???

I bet everyone has put up their new resolution and can't wait to work it out
there would be a new and interesting things happening in year 2010..

i asked a friend of mine, ' what is your new years resolution?' ,he said 'i donno, maybe i'm hoping that I could find someone and get married..??'
can U believe that???
its a good news and I pray that my friend would find one and invite me over to his wedding reception...hahahah
well, my new years resolution would be...

a) getting good result for my final exam and did well for my second semester
b) being nice-er to everyone??
c) burn on some fat
d) control on my shopping habits
e) learn to solve a small problem on my own without asking my mom about everything
f) be more serious about managing my financial
g) finding a real hobby that thrills..
h) save more money in my burger bank
i) cut down expenses which is not needed
j) look at things in a positive way

okay2 I can't list down everything here or else I won't read it
i am going to put the list on my new diary cause i'll be bringing it almost everywhere I went...
*if needed*

p/s: need your help on giving ideas for my writing essays... any idea of a title what so ever meant a lot for me...thanks for your kind idea of a title and really appreciate your help...
have a wonderful day..

Monday, December 28, 2009

farRlisya's mood to write

mood for studying

it is sooooooooo near to my final exam and
I am nervous nervous nervous!!!
i enjoyed my holiday quite fun being with family and friends....
being at home for the past two weeks really gives me some memory to share
what are the benefits of it???
1) be with my family
2) hang out with my friends
3) get to eat a lot
4) going to shopping complex and eat some expensive foods and is paid by my best friend
4) get to sleep early (which in a cozy bed)
5) get to go to gym and swim in the swimming pool although I don't know how to swim

okay, I'll be leaving back to KL this coming Saturday
and i didn't prepare anything yet..(not the stuff but preparation for final exam)
i'm panic,panic, panic, panic!!!!!!

(snap it out okay)
actually...this is the real thing to wrote
remember about the birthday celebration for Q.A????
it is held on Christmas day at Jitra...
and there were cake, foods, and yellow pulut
i do have some pictures to show...
here it is

from my right side, Kak Long, Q.A, Aqil and Ayie

this is the birthday cake...
written on it Q.A, Aini and Aqil....
unfortunately Aini is not on the picture..

Quratul Ain..

Adriana Syazwani...

Aqil Afie...

this is Q.A outside the house..
showing the plant that her mom is workin' on it

this is some of the hard to get pictures...
use a lot of afford to get them stay together without CRYING or BITTING their head off
i sweat a lot just to run and get their balloons and them sitting like that properly
*wink Wink*
quite happening eh??
me with Q.A...

the next day...
me and my friends, Nurul Ain and Maisarah..
okay, this is the three of us..
around 3.50 pm, me and Ain went to get Sarah and head for my friend's house,
Sharizatul Azwa to visit her since she is on her 'pantang' and to see her cute baby..
this is Azwa and her baby

i haven't get the full name of the baby but all I could tell U is that this baby is my foster child..
cool isn't it???
got the permission from the mother of course...
look at him...
soooo cute....

friends forever!!!
after the short visit, we make our move to City Plaza, Alor Star..
and Ain begin to shop like almost about everything she sees...
quite happy to see her being such a shopaholic and all...
she bought lot of things and we do the carrying...
but I made her hold her stuff just to snap this picture

and after that she treats us to dinner at Jitra...
then i sent Sarah home and by 10 something2 I arrive home and kiss Ain goodbye and went inside in time to see Nizam Kambing....a very interesting comedy shown on TV3
so around 1 something2 i fall asleep..

p/s: did U ever think time flies by so quick when ure with ure friends or boyfriend..???

Friday, December 25, 2009

I can't wait!!

mood: excited

I'm preparing myself right now to go Jitra since today would be Quratul Ain's birthday celebration going on and i'll be staying there for a night or two or even three
(maybe,depends on the situation)
seriously, I didn't prepare myself for my final exam that is just around the corner and I'm a bit tense about it since I didn't begin or trying to start studying since I don't know what to study
its a thought thing to do if you DONT KNOW what to do

for the last five days been at home all I could do is just watching TV, read novels, watch some CD's, disturbing my sister, and the evening go for a swim and the gym...
when will be the best time to study???
and when I got the chance to use the internet, i would pleased myself by opening my blog, myspace, facebook, yahoo messenger, yahoo mail, read people's blog and follow them
owh not forgetting to text my friend and share stories that has no meaning what-so-ever for my final exam....
i have butterfly in my stomach now (after looking at the calendar)
I haven't prepared anything...
what should I doooo...?????

that's the second issue..
because the first is still about my favorite niece...Q.A!!!!
so here I am now typing for this post and my mum is screaming at everyone to get ready
just to let U know...
I've got to go and get ready or i'll be the last person to make my mum piste off
so take care

p/s: today is a LoVelY day and U should go out and take a walk in the shopping complex...
the best part to go if i'm in KL is...Sunway Pyramid...!!!!

thats all for now...daaaa!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

it makes me weap

current mood: famished

it has to be about food and nothing else
i donno..i love to eat those delicious foods...
they taste so yummy...


sorry...what i meant is about moments where U just wanted so much to just let it be
follow what U need, what U wanted so much
i am not just talking about foods here (since I like it so much)
but the main part is liking the feelings of it
what makes me weap???
good question...(that is exactly my question which I ever want to mention in this post)
i'm in the mood of creating a simple folder of an interesting post of the month
of course not...
i've been dying to get myself to post about it
but unfortunately I can't do that without the internet..
if U can see the sense out of it..
it makes me weap because
there is a problem with the internet about the past 2 days
leaving in this house without internet is like not having something important in your life
get what im trying to say here????

and last night we went to Jitra to get my new identity card, went to see Quratul Ain since she has turn into 1 year old kid...
and she is sooooooooo damn cute niece...
well unfortunately (had to blame aini)
I can't upload the picture now since she really NEED THE INTERNET BADLY
oppsss....blame the caps lock for that..

well I can't even show the picture I took last night because there is a terrible excident happen in Jitra..if i'm not mistaken 3 people die...
and it is on the news at 1.30 pm
maybe next time i'll upload it....

p/s: btw, tomorrow im going to Jitra,spend a night or two because im going to visit my schoolmate at her house because she will be finishing her "pantang" here and i'll be seing her first school geng got married and have a baby...
I would certainly ask her bunch of questions..
she is a long not lost friend...
maybe I would ask her some tips..
so.......thats all

p.p.s: these week question: if U have a guy friend who is 8 years older than U and he ask U to be her girlfriend....but U have no feelings for him...since U are close to him and U dont want him to get hurt.....what are U going to do????

Friday, December 11, 2009

owh no U didn'~

mood: exhausted but yet still happY

that morning I ask Aini again about the direction from Sultan Ismail to Hang Tuah because this is going to be my first time going to places by myself
so I just don't want to get lost thats all

im going to Berjaya Times Square to meet Najmie and Kak Ijah..

so after being confident with the direction and all,
I went to the college and to sachdev as there's a meeting with the assistant of the faculty if im not mistaken at 10 am on 1st floor

it turn out to be that I just have to fill in some form and so on~

it took about 15 minutes for me to do so after that I made a call and ask if we could meet early since I donno what to do if I went home and wait till 12.30,
it will be a waste of time and money
after I ask my classmates again about the direction,
and make my move to T.S
i bought myself a ticket and wait for the Lrt to come
im confident that I have come to the right place my face!
I am on the wrong train!!!

I was so worried and panic that I called Aini and she told me to calm down and not to go anywhere,
just stay there because the Lrt will change track and will soon move on the next line to the place where I'll be going to...
and....she was right about that so I felt relieve...

the train stop at Hang Tuah and I walk to T.S as I arrive there,
I went to Borders
since they didn't came yet
and peacefully read a novels there


about an hour and fifteen minutes there,

they finally came
then we went to Chicken Rice Shop and had lunch there

me and najmie... and this is Kak ijah...!

yummy lunch and the good part is it is paid by Najmie..!!!!!
then Aini came....
right from the college since she has her presentation

we talk a bit then I excuse myself because I have to walk to Hang Tuah to catch a train to Sultan Ismail to get back at the college so that I didn't missed my English Class

but I promise them that I'll be back at T.S after class

once arrive at the Havella's building at 6th floor,

bumped into friends and help them with the role play..
just play as one of the character
and by 3.40 pm,
me and flora went down on 4th floor since our class is on that floor..

snap some pics...

me,the red shirt is Flora, behind her is Isabella, and behind Bella is Atun...

age...??? 18,19,18
okay2...i know i'm old so what.????
this pics taken before class and my classmates stay outside the corridor since there's still other people using the class..

see! just bored at that time so I took pictures

the one on peach hijjab is Miss Sakeena my English lecturer...
she is 23 years old and NOT married yet...

very nice lecturer...
and quite sporting...

as class started, the role play start..

here is the best role play ever in the class...

ck to watch it!

ok lah sebab kami dak2 sem 1 baru meh!

U can't expect something like a real actor in the tV okay???

because there is a certain of the budak sememeh in my class that annoys Miss Sakeena so she pist of and left the class...
I was dumbfounded and look around the class
i didn't get to tick my name on the class attendant form..

So, I made my move to T.S
and again be with my sisters...
they just sit at Starbuck just to serve the internet so I couldn't help it from wondering off with Kak ijah and got us a fish massage for 15 minutes=RM10


then me and Najmie went to bought the tickets

for the comic fiesta for this 19th and 20th December

which will be held at Sunway Piramid
unfortunately the ticket is sold for two days only which me and aini couldn't afford to go since it is quite far from our place and our budget is running low..
so....we didnt buy the ticket and was hoping on that 19th,
we could arrive earlier to buy the ticket as a walk in..

then we went back at Starbuck and waited and waited because Najmie said that Abg Ejay will be coming to read the 'tinggy' she wrote and will be published soon...

so that she could win herself a labtop...

this is a picture which I took with Kak ijah because we are toooooooooooo bored

once Abg Ejay came...
erm well Najmie chat with him and
bla bla bla they have stuff to do and I...
dont mind drinking her choclate shake??
or whatever that is..

aini had lots of choclate drinks and she is hipper active that made her dance in the Starbuck...

okay.....very funny one but.........
i don't think i'll upload that video in here or else she will kill me for good...
then its time to get home...

so Abg Ejay kindly wanted to send us to the Terminal Putra...
so we walk to his car and to our surprise and him too he got himself a love letter from the police...
becuase he park his car on the wrong place..
well....we felt guilty for that and so Najmie told me that she want to give some money to him without him noticing it (she placed it somewhere in his car
as we arrived at the Terminal Putra,
say goodbye and Abg hafiz came and took us there and drove us back to Sentul at our place..

okay...i'm bored~!

p/s: im tired of telling this kind of thing as if im making myself a diary in my own blog i'll change my way of blogging about stuff soon so that im not that bored of writting it

btw, if im not mistaken....i bumped into Tomok at T.S at the second floor..
i confidently think that it is Tomok because if he is an artist he will dress up like that...
wearing a black glasses and a hat...

i didnt take his picture because he came with a girl...

so.....biar je lah ey????

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my dream world....

(the picture has nothing to do with this entry)
i just missssss her soooooo much!
mood: periods

period weeks for me...
lying on the bed doing nothing
as i felt my body has aching
the terrible pain doesn't seem to fade away

im sitting alone in my room
looking outside the window
but my mind is somewhere else
i thought maybe it is because of the pain

as I fall asleep i began to dream
a dream which I never thought of
a dream that i wanted
a dream that made me felt burden of
a pain that ive gain since I dreamt about it
why the dream keep repeating itself
what are the reasons behind it????
thats the reasons I couldnt fall asleep..? (soundly)
why must I dream of something that is never been cleared...
as I thought about it hard, i came to think that it is just a dream
a dream that just exist in my world of dream
a dream where I wanted it so badly to turn to life(reality)
maybe I am dreaming right now that im writing this entry
i think I should continue living in my dream world a bit longer....
in order to search for the real answer to my question

i shall sleep now...

p/s: tomorrow got class and meetings which I dont know of so gud nyte....!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

failz to get a title..

mood: famished

it rain this morning
I haven't had my breakfast yet..
i'm so hungry,my mom made curry, my sister goyang kaki..

okay2 i'm talking rubbish now..

my point exactly is about a story...
no, its not a fairy tale st
its a sort of a real one
but the dialog or a couple of things i did edit a little because I have forgotten half of the story okay?/?

bare with it.....or live
with it!

the story....
that acctually has nothing to do with any of my boringness day staying at home and bothering other people in their room..
I can't bother aini since she also went out like last night she went to college to print her asgnment which she had to submit it by this Wednesda
y and i've been told that she didnt finished her t-shirt yet or the other word is she didn't start it yet....

what am I talking bout huh???, i'm not going to say Merry Christmas okay because its still early neyh....i am boring staying at home...!!!
being so kind and do all the house choures.. house choures?
hahhah if there is one..

of course i have one if its my turn on duty to clean the house
what am I babbling about...???

cut the craps already and please focus people...!!!
okay...back to the real topic here....

hoping to forge
t the past...

this is kind of a story that happen to a friend of a friend of mine..

and......I don't know who she is or neither I know where she is now but all I know is that she is trying to be the girl she dreamt of she is a very talented girl and because of her mistakes, she is living in her guiltyness now she make a huge mistakes in life and was hoping to return to the right path

I am telling this story because.....
I know this case usually happened to some of them out there
wishing to get a second chance in life well everyone use to make mistakes right and they have their own reasons for that i bet
it all began when she met this guy....
I heard that the guy is from Kelantan
and after they both get to know each other, the girl fell in love with the guy
let me put the name so U would understand better
let see.....the girl is Nina,.....and the guy is John.
so John and Nina had a serius relationship...
to the extreme bottom the whole college know about it and they were called a "loving couple" like that lah...

and so when someone fall in love they normally do something extreme and never been done before i guess

her friends could see the changes that her boyfriend had made her...

as before she use to wear her hijjab but since they are together everywhere she goes except college then she is a free hair girl...

then her normal atitude of sweet and loving friend turned into a dramastic and a sensitive one..

and about going out together is like something U all must already know that...

from month to month being in the relationship with John...
go to class together, well everthing is about them...
the thing is her friend felt pity for her...
since they are together, all of John's asgnment and task given by the lecturer is done by Nina...poor thing...
and she became skinny because all her money is spend for John
sometimes she went home and crying all night long talking in the phone with him and went out to reload her prepaid just to call him whenever they didnt go out together...
well one day when she came home
she slam the door hard and all her friend could hear from outside is just her voice crying and muttering herself and sort of blaming something
so one of her friend, Laila ( a fake name) enters the room and slowly came to her and ask nicely what had happen...
at first Nina didn't felt like talking about it but thinking of her best friend is infront of her made her burst out and told the whole story..
the rest of her friends came along and sit around her while giving her a warm hug as they all support her in any way they can so she told them that since she met John, he never lift an arm on her before..
nina suspect that her boyfriend had another girl at his village they've been arguing every single day and she has been beaten up by him nina told her friends how John treat her like a waste...
John need Nina just to fullfilled his satisfaction.

her friends began to understand her situation
and because she is pregnant, she quit her college and after that her friends could not reach her anymore

-the end-

thats it????
U call that a story....
well forgive me for not telling that this is just a short story
if its a long story then probably U wont see my point..
got it...???? good!

well the moral of the story is...

never trust someone U know as if the person is made for U,
never give up your precious crown as simple as that without getting married..
never abandone your friends just because U have a boyfriend...
okay.......thats about it!

p.s: share your interesting story if U have one

have A nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sepeRti yAng dijanjikaN....

mood: terkejut!!!!!!!

ok, arie tue aku ade mention pasal nak listkan pasal cS (culture shock) aku mase mai Kl nie
bukan la nak cakap pasal kl...x2
ade yang ok, terpulang le bagi setiap individu...
kalau nak cari yang baik2...jumpe la baik2
kalau nak cari yang kurang baik....ha ley nampak bersepah2 banyaknye...
x2...bukan nak kutuk atau mengumpat..
xbaik semua itu..
nie aku wat tuk bagitaw ape yang aku nampak je..
jadi jangan lak marah2 aku atau ape yer...tapi kalau nak kate pown macm la aku ley halang
mule2 baik aku minte maaf siap2 kan
kot aku kate nie adeeeeee yang terasenye...
nak wat cam ne terima la hakikat...
bende nie da jadi kenyataan

ok..kalau aku membebel mesti entri aku xbest tuk dibace oleh semua orang
so aku nk cut bende2 yang x patot

LIsT culture Shock gini

1) bertindik
baik pompuan mahupon lelaki...kalau nak tau tempat aku belajar pown memg ade
wat ape aku nk tipu kan...bukan nak memburukkan pelajar kat sni cume aku tengok ade yang bertindik dekat hidung lah, dekat belakang leher lah, kat telinge sampai kat hujung cuping pown ditebuk, dekat badan itu aku x tahu lah kes dia aku x penah tengok lagi.
mase jalan2 sekitar bukit bintang dengan times square lagi lah ade aku tengok bertindik merate kat muke dia...
soalan aku: x sakit ke tindik2 mcm tue?

2) geng 'mak nyah' berlambak
nie mase aku jalan kat times square, bukit bintang, klcc, mid valley n mcm2 tempat lagi la...
skali dengan tempat aku belajar...
mak aih...mekap dia...kalah aku...dress up dia jangan la soal...sebijik macam pompuan...
kasut tumit kalah aku,over dress short sangat sampai nampak macam dia pakai boxer!
ade satu mase tue aku nek bas nak balik umah, tibe2 bas berhenti nek lah sorang mak nyah nie..
mak aih..dia pakai baju gaun pompuan....skali dengan kasut n mcm pompuan lah.
hari nie lak aku nampak muke dia segak tapi da dia dress up cam pompuan aku ngan kawan2 lain tengok lah...sekali dia pusing jer aku da gelak...tahu x nape..? xde punggung...!

3) geng2 gotic lah kot
ade satu mase tue aku ade mention aku kat times square...( ok aku memg taw nak g situ je)
then aku hairan la nape ramai sangat orang kumpul kat tengah2 tingkat 4 tue...
aku cakap la kat adik aku yang aku nak gi tengok mungkin artis la kot...
adik aku cakap xde...tue semua geng2 gotic
pakaian dia: kasut macam boot tinggi yang orang pakai dengan skirt pendek cam tue
kasut itu pompuan pakai aku x kesah tapi lelaki pakai erm erm~
then baju diorang plek2, make up kat mate warne hitam, well kalau tengok diorang jalan berkumpulan lagi menakutkan

4) pergaulan bebas
semua orang sedia maklum culture shock aku nie masih mentah
aku memg shock tue giler2 la kan
tapi aku taw le ade yang pergaulan kat college nie agak bebas skit lagi2 lah kalau stay kat tengah2 bandar kan
dari pemerhatian aku, ade yang aku pernah tengok ader yang aku baru first time tengok
contohnye ape yang terjadi hari nie..
aku tengah sembang2 dengan rakan2 aku yang tengah nak menghafal skrip tuk minggu depan nak role play tue then ade la datang group pompuan nie kat kitorang
dia pon salam lah lelaki2 group aku nie...x kesah la aku pon tau yang tue..
then tetibe pompuan tue cakap kat salah sorang group aku nie
"aku tau le ko rindu nak aku kiss kau pown..."
then girl tue dengan selambe jer depan kitorang kiss pipi lelaki tue...
aku dalam hati waktu tue macam.."ok..."
ade sorang lagi boy dalam group aku tue terkejut..
kalau le aku ley rakam muke dia....
bapak ar dia terkejut beruk!
aku pown terkejut tapi x a nampak sangat
ok...mungkin anda semua da faham kan?

ok2 aku tetibe rase macam aku duk mengate orang2
ok2 maafkan aku
aku da rase bersalah la sekarang aku da macam geli nak sebut

p/s: sesape sokong aku x yang aku patot kongsi ape yang aku nampak...?
masih salah aku ke?
okay2 aku x cakap dah yeee

edited by: farlisya

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

under theSe kind oF stRategieS

mood:being someone else

do U ever notice how far U have come and accomplished by following what your heart wants?

have U ever notice how many times when U sit back and think the craziest and uncertain things that ure not suppose to do but U don't know why you are doing it?

have U ever thought of blaming yourself for someone else's mistakes?

have U ever wondered sometimes what everyone else thinks about you and less of you're thinking about yourself and about what U wanted the most..?

have U ever felt sooooooo lonely after a friend of yours back stab U and U don't want anyone to know it...?

have U ever make mistakes and hopes that U can go back to where it were to make it right?

have U ever sacrifise something special in your life for the person U love but that really make U hurt even more but U tempt to do it anyway?

well.....have U ever wanted to do something and wish that U could just do it without think something rubbish that can stop U from doing it? (positive way i meant)

all of the above is experience by a girl whom I use as farlisYa..

as we grew older...

we learn more about life

we learn to be matured, to take responsible in life, take action more seriously...
these is to use as farlisya's stRategies of life she sees things more clearly now and she wants a big changes in life making her mom as her idol making her way to achieve success...
taking step by step

she is one step ahead to victory with her family's there to support her ( literary)
to give her the spirit to stay stood up never give up on her dreams....
she travel to a distance place..

eaving her family behind at the moment....
with high hopes and pray's for the best
she is on her way to improve herself to be the best
to be the girl that she hope for
to gain the things she always wanted in her life
leaving her life before as someone with lots of scarcity
in finding her talent...
that she wanted to search for in the big city
has thought her that life is about give and take
she challenge herself to be fit

as this is what farlisYa's wish....
edited by: Intan

Saturday, November 28, 2009

eating my heart out!!!!

mood: full

i went out with my family...
there's my mom, Najmie, aini and wahida...
missing sister, Khadijah...
she went to her in law's..spend her raya with them..
we went to Kuala have some seafoods...yummy!
can't wait to eat my heart out....!!!

we order a lot of food
first i order abc....and the rest order drinks etc
then we order chicken satay about 30 stick
then we order rice, mix tomyam, squid fried with flour
and a large ikan siakap...

i eat and eat and eat until i sweat like crazy...(neyh i'm just exaggerate about that)
the main point is......i like to eat nowdays
i get famished like every two hours..
didn't believe me?
well...i also can't make U believe me if U chose to not believe in me..
but thats the fact...
i eat a lot...
i didn't remember when or how i start to eat a lot..
maybe there's a reasons why i do it....
sometimes my mouth wants to keep on eating and chewing..
but my heart say "please stop...don't stuff any more food in here...i'm begging U"
but it didn't seem to make any changes in the past few years..
and then my face became more chubbier then ever...
well not to mention every inch of my body seems as it is pumped..

these kind of situation gets worse if....
(i mean me eating lots and lots of food)
is when....
i'm upset
i'm sad
i'm angry
i'm piss of
i'm too happy
i'm on my pms
i'm crying

i don't like the kind of situation that i just mention up there
but thats me..
the temptation is tooo big to handle....
what am I fooling...
well dear bloggers....
i need some of your opinion on how to overcome the temptation of eating..
give me some tips okay..
thanks a lot..

p/s: i'll be on my way home tomorrow bus is at 8.30 am
good night!!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

happY2 rayeeee!

happY aiDiLaDha to everyone....!!

i arrive home safely at 4 am after being panic because the bus driver is totally forgot the way to Jitra...weird and scary you know...
i thought all of the bus driver should know about these kinda things...

what am I doing babbling here at this moment????

got to prepare to go to the mosque...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

interesting subject

mood:happy lolita

my fourth week being a KLMU's student
feelings...? indifferent...why? I'm culture shock!
well...its not something new actually since i use to study at Langkawi before
but nevertheless I'm still culture shock okay..?
if U are wondering about how SHOCKED I am..
i must make a list of the shocking things I saw and I went through right?
well.....i shall make that later....
because for this entry I want to talk about my interesting subject that I've learnt here

since this is my third week being in class and so
i learnt basic English
why..? well my subject for this semester is English Communication...

well it happen that after we make our essays that I've told in the recent post
my lecturer Miss Sakeena gave us a new task or i should say a group work...

the new assignment I got is my group and I about 4 to 5 people....
create a role play...
the question goes like this:

a) in a group of 4-5, choose a situation
(telling your fierce dad that you've getting married, ordering food out at a restaurant etc)
b) write a script of the play
* each member must have at least 5 lines
c) use all the tenses in the notes
d) once the script is approved, you may begin practicing the play

script due date: by Wednesday 25/11/09
play: starting Thursday after Raya Haji which is postpone on two weeks after raya I think

at first I say...

WHAT THE DUCK! Najmie would say...

why..? of all the title in the world why is the situation has to be end with marriage??

and and my group of 4...
sit down and discuss about it and wrote down a script...
then after we finished and submit the script, I will bring the script home to practise it..
and..................that's about it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hope for the best

mood: crying inside


i have to blame myself for it
i couldn't help it
it felt so simple
how could u missed it?

by returning it
i felt guilty inside
not knowing the result
but yet I've tried
but wait a minute...
isn't it...??
yeah,yes it is...!
auuuuwh man, I shouldn't let u go!!!

what have i done...?

i felt guilty inside...
again and again....
i felt like I'm losing hope by giving u away....
I've done wrong....
owh, my essay paper...!!!!

how could i not know that u are a 10% marks for my final exam this semester..?

if i knew it earlier...
this could not have happen to you...
i thought it is just an ordinary English essay about myself..
if i knew it earlier...
I've could make the best essay ever..
but it is too late to do so...
i can only hope for the best...

p/s: i could not sleep well thinking about it nor have the appetite to eat my breakfast...i felt ashamed of myself