Tuesday, December 29, 2009

aRe YoU ReaDy fOr it!!!!

mood: overkill

Year 2010 is just around the corner....
it is just two more days
and i think everyone already had their new years resolution right..???

I bet everyone has put up their new resolution and can't wait to work it out
there would be a new and interesting things happening in year 2010..

i asked a friend of mine, ' what is your new years resolution?' ,he said 'i donno, maybe i'm hoping that I could find someone and get married..??'
can U believe that???
its a good news and I pray that my friend would find one and invite me over to his wedding reception...hahahah
well, my new years resolution would be...

a) getting good result for my final exam and did well for my second semester
b) being nice-er to everyone??
c) burn on some fat
d) control on my shopping habits
e) learn to solve a small problem on my own without asking my mom about everything
f) be more serious about managing my financial
g) finding a real hobby that thrills..
h) save more money in my burger bank
i) cut down expenses which is not needed
j) look at things in a positive way

okay2 I can't list down everything here or else I won't read it
i am going to put the list on my new diary cause i'll be bringing it almost everywhere I went...
*if needed*

p/s: need your help on giving ideas for my writing essays... any idea of a title what so ever meant a lot for me...thanks for your kind idea of a title and really appreciate your help...
have a wonderful day..