Tuesday, December 1, 2009

under theSe kind oF stRategieS

mood:being someone else

do U ever notice how far U have come and accomplished by following what your heart wants?

have U ever notice how many times when U sit back and think the craziest and uncertain things that ure not suppose to do but U don't know why you are doing it?

have U ever thought of blaming yourself for someone else's mistakes?

have U ever wondered sometimes what everyone else thinks about you and less of you're thinking about yourself and about what U wanted the most..?

have U ever felt sooooooo lonely after a friend of yours back stab U and U don't want anyone to know it...?

have U ever make mistakes and hopes that U can go back to where it were to make it right?

have U ever sacrifise something special in your life for the person U love but that really make U hurt even more but U tempt to do it anyway?

well.....have U ever wanted to do something and wish that U could just do it without think something rubbish that can stop U from doing it? (positive way i meant)

all of the above is experience by a girl whom I use as farlisYa..

as we grew older...

we learn more about life

we learn to be matured, to take responsible in life, take action more seriously...
these is to use as farlisya's stRategies of life she sees things more clearly now and she wants a big changes in life making her mom as her idol making her way to achieve success...
taking step by step

she is one step ahead to victory with her family's there to support her ( literary)
to give her the spirit to stay stood up never give up on her dreams....
she travel to a distance place..

eaving her family behind at the moment....
with high hopes and pray's for the best
she is on her way to improve herself to be the best
to be the girl that she hope for
to gain the things she always wanted in her life
leaving her life before as someone with lots of scarcity
in finding her talent...
that she wanted to search for in the big city
has thought her that life is about give and take
she challenge herself to be fit

as this is what farlisYa's wish....
edited by: Intan

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