Friday, December 25, 2009

I can't wait!!

mood: excited

I'm preparing myself right now to go Jitra since today would be Quratul Ain's birthday celebration going on and i'll be staying there for a night or two or even three
(maybe,depends on the situation)
seriously, I didn't prepare myself for my final exam that is just around the corner and I'm a bit tense about it since I didn't begin or trying to start studying since I don't know what to study
its a thought thing to do if you DONT KNOW what to do

for the last five days been at home all I could do is just watching TV, read novels, watch some CD's, disturbing my sister, and the evening go for a swim and the gym...
when will be the best time to study???
and when I got the chance to use the internet, i would pleased myself by opening my blog, myspace, facebook, yahoo messenger, yahoo mail, read people's blog and follow them
owh not forgetting to text my friend and share stories that has no meaning what-so-ever for my final exam....
i have butterfly in my stomach now (after looking at the calendar)
I haven't prepared anything...
what should I doooo...?????

that's the second issue..
because the first is still about my favorite niece...Q.A!!!!
so here I am now typing for this post and my mum is screaming at everyone to get ready
just to let U know...
I've got to go and get ready or i'll be the last person to make my mum piste off
so take care

p/s: today is a LoVelY day and U should go out and take a walk in the shopping complex...
the best part to go if i'm in KL is...Sunway Pyramid...!!!!

thats all for now...daaaa!!!

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Anonymous said...

JITRA? Was it at Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe or KFC? We have everything there. Or perhaps a movie treats? See, it's not even at Alor Setar town, yet.

Ps. Happy belated birthday!