Monday, December 28, 2009

farRlisya's mood to write

mood for studying

it is sooooooooo near to my final exam and
I am nervous nervous nervous!!!
i enjoyed my holiday quite fun being with family and friends....
being at home for the past two weeks really gives me some memory to share
what are the benefits of it???
1) be with my family
2) hang out with my friends
3) get to eat a lot
4) going to shopping complex and eat some expensive foods and is paid by my best friend
4) get to sleep early (which in a cozy bed)
5) get to go to gym and swim in the swimming pool although I don't know how to swim

okay, I'll be leaving back to KL this coming Saturday
and i didn't prepare anything yet..(not the stuff but preparation for final exam)
i'm panic,panic, panic, panic!!!!!!

(snap it out okay)
actually...this is the real thing to wrote
remember about the birthday celebration for Q.A????
it is held on Christmas day at Jitra...
and there were cake, foods, and yellow pulut
i do have some pictures to show...
here it is

from my right side, Kak Long, Q.A, Aqil and Ayie

this is the birthday cake...
written on it Q.A, Aini and Aqil....
unfortunately Aini is not on the picture..

Quratul Ain..

Adriana Syazwani...

Aqil Afie...

this is Q.A outside the house..
showing the plant that her mom is workin' on it

this is some of the hard to get pictures...
use a lot of afford to get them stay together without CRYING or BITTING their head off
i sweat a lot just to run and get their balloons and them sitting like that properly
*wink Wink*
quite happening eh??
me with Q.A...

the next day...
me and my friends, Nurul Ain and Maisarah..
okay, this is the three of us..
around 3.50 pm, me and Ain went to get Sarah and head for my friend's house,
Sharizatul Azwa to visit her since she is on her 'pantang' and to see her cute baby..
this is Azwa and her baby

i haven't get the full name of the baby but all I could tell U is that this baby is my foster child..
cool isn't it???
got the permission from the mother of course...
look at him...
soooo cute....

friends forever!!!
after the short visit, we make our move to City Plaza, Alor Star..
and Ain begin to shop like almost about everything she sees...
quite happy to see her being such a shopaholic and all...
she bought lot of things and we do the carrying...
but I made her hold her stuff just to snap this picture

and after that she treats us to dinner at Jitra...
then i sent Sarah home and by 10 something2 I arrive home and kiss Ain goodbye and went inside in time to see Nizam Kambing....a very interesting comedy shown on TV3
so around 1 something2 i fall asleep..

p/s: did U ever think time flies by so quick when ure with ure friends or boyfriend..???

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Wahida K said...


yea i think that being with friend made us think that time flies by.....