Friday, February 25, 2011

Im a big fan of a fan???? (^_^)

okay2 this post is all about my crazy moods of finding the special fan "kipas tangan" that I really wanted and someday I'll be able to collect all of them or maybe I'll learn how to make one and sell it to you...
here are some of the pictures that are similar to my collections
and if U awesome readers know where they sell this stuff please, please,please tell me
and I hope it is near KL....

first pic: blue organza

2nd pic: more of organza

3rd pic: my favorite fan of all...the cuties~!

4th pic: this one have their own sack...normally when I bought them, they don't come with the sack..they just give u the one in the plastic wrap

5th pic is imported from Japan..which I could find two colors which is in blue and pink..
cost about Rm56 if Im not mistaken..

this pic is certainly for fashion. suitable it u want to carry it around when dress up in Lolita fashion...

and this is my collection of stuff...
(^_^) hehe

noted that the fan with the picture (panda) is from Beijing sister bought it for me...

I shall search for more in the future!!!!