Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't have to wait till new year to have a resolution right?

New Moods~!!

Assalamualaikum and Hola Hola to all my wonderful readers...
How's your vacation going on...?
I bet its full of joy and happiness..

Just 3 more days we are about to enter the new year and happily tearing out those old calendar on the wall and paste the new 2012 calendar..
Isn't exciting..?
I could actually feel something right now..
oh wait...sorry..that is just my tummy growling...LOLZ.

so here's the new year 2012 resolution...jeng3!!!
(^_^) waaa so epic ar kan..?

* More positive mind (since this year I fail to think wisely)
* More professional in dealing with people regarding sentimental emotion which can make people get easily imitate with it..
* More of the honest part (not being honest to myself lately)
* Need to work on body and facial expression..( comments from lecturers)
* speak out clearly (hello...Im still shy..but will try my best to work on it)
* Need to be more talkative ( this is for certain functions..I need to do this)
* Need to learn more of the cooking skills...(^_^)
* Need to brush my grammer a bit and pronunciation
* As a Muslim...I need to learn more for more knowledge about Islam...because I want to live the way that it is as a Muslim..Im proud to be a Muslim..Islam is the perfect code of life..<3
* a Muslim..I will need to work hard to change my wardrobe..I have to change...I need to change...someway I must find the solution to wear something decent..U get what im trying to say right? thats all for now..that I could think of...
I must get myself a new diary soon so that new updates that I could fill in the so-call-diary..
I wish you all the best of life...
for the new life that we will be entering 3 more days from now..
so as we enter this new year...lets us recall back what we have done throughout the entire year

lets say that we have done something wrong to others....we seek for forgiveness..
as a Muslim, we need to seek forgiveness to Allah Al-Mighty...promising that we wont do it again..

I know that I somehow did not completely seek forgiveness to those out there that I have accidentally hurt their feelings before..and I really do hope that someday..U know who u are...
U would have the heart to someday forgive me for all my wrong I act before...Im very sorry.honestly...when we did something to someone...we really feel bad about it...
and as a human being...although I cannot see U in person now...or in the future...I will forever be sending u doa thru my prayers.....wishing you have a better life in the future...

So I wish U all Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

2 days and 1 night holiday...

Assalamualaikum and Hola to all my fellow bloggers...and followers..and also to my silent readers...shhhhh!!!Lolz...

today, as I promise to all of you...I will update my 2 days and 1 night holiday..
Venue? Let see...first of all
Bukit Gambang Resort (place to sleep)
Bukit Gambang Water Theme Park (activities going on)
City of Kuantan, Benteng...
and last but not least.....Wangsa Walk...! (bowling)

So the Holiday starts around at 7.30 am where "We" my soon to be family...
depart from KL to Bukit Gambang...
the journey takes about 2 hours and couple of minutes...
surprisingly I did not sleep at all..Lolz
talk about lack of sleep that night...(23/12/2011)

the process of checking in...the key card and tickets to the theme park taken at the lobby..
and now...heading to the theme park!

see our happy and exciting faces!!!

waiting impatiently to enter the entrance door to the Bukit Gambang Water Theme Park
located at Pahang...
Asia world largest water theme park if im not mistaken...
so U can all assume now how we all manage to enter the place...
with the crowded people..

Im very sorry...I dont have the pictures taken inside the theme park...because it keeps on raining and I have to left the camera...
so just bare with my story okay..try very hard to imagine it.. a pelampung which cost RM12 but if U return the pelampung back U get half of the money back...and so we rent about 3 pelampung that is for 2 people and 1 pelampung for little fatini...the one in a blue swimming suit...

with the pelampung, we use it to play at the area which got huge wave..
if the wave is released, and if U have no pelampung...U end up being smack at the head and the body by other people's pelampung...
seriously I was like avoiding the huge wave because its kinda pushing u to the the wave come...and if u are from the high place...U can all the peoples are wash away from the wave...super cool yet it hurts...and the best part of having your own pelampung is you can float on it and you can see the wave moving nicely and laughing at the people that has been blown away by the waves...

the next we went to the slides...where there got 3 of is open slide....the two others are close slides...which one is the darkest slide where u can just feel the speed and then tossed out from the slide and more chlorine in your mouth...yuck!

the speed tunnel slide are my favorite...! I rode it twice because its really exciting that u rode a speed slide and knowing the tossed is more exciting experience rather than the darkest tunnel slide..but somehow im a bit scared because i donno how to swim..

and then the slide which we can ride about 5-7 peoples in a ride...that ride which we have to climb a bit higher to get to that place...but the experience of riding it twice makes it more interesting and exciting feelings....
and which helps me to ease my fear of water a bit...

about 5 hours and so plus twice eating rice at the food court..we agreed to go back to our room and rest before we went out for dinner...

and so....

the picture of us taken before we went to the exit door....
such a great time we all had...
im soaking wet!!!

that night...after dinner which I had Usa fried rice and teh tarik...
stop by at the gas station and they bought some snacks to eat for breakfast then we head back to the resort...which I then fall sick..maybe because of the chlorine in the water which I accidentally swallow it...

somehow I couldn't sleep soundly that night...had a bad time actually at my chest..but thanks to the active fast I manage to sleep for 2-3 hours...

The next day...Its Christmas day everyone...

sorry....Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all.....

and so....

The process of checking out from the 10.45 am somehow..

this...would be the lobby...
as you can see..that is the train where U have to pay RM1 to be able to ride it to the Theme park and another RM1 to go back to the resort..
which I end up walking back to the resort...because Im a bit uncomfortable changing to a dry cloth and because that day happen to rain and stop then it rain again n stop and it continue till 12 o'clock..I think...

more pictures in the car...pose please....tQ!!

girls in the car...again...LOlz(^_^)

This is the erm..somewhere we stop to look for "keropok" and end up buying keropok lekor, bebola n drinks..

Benteng, Kuantan....

clearly it stated Kua tan...not Kuantan...
obviously anybody even concern about the "Visit to Malaysia" part?
get the "N" quickly la...embarrassing la if Kuantan do not have the letter "N"

aryn, fatini and me..

heading to the so call food court have lunch...

Now it's bowling time....
Venue: Wangsa Walk bowl..
2 games..
first game I somehow manage to win which I score 121..
the second game I manage to get the third place...the winner of the second game is fendi...

Just look at the scores..haha...!

Okay...Holidays are so much fun because we gather around and enjoy it from the beginning to the very hoping that this kind of event will be more exciting in the future...

Hoping my fellow readers enjoy my post and will keep updating more exciting post in the future...

and last but not least...I like to thank to all the people involve in making this holiday more exciting and happy for me...thank u...arigatou~ terima kasih~ gracias~ gamsahamnida~!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

Hola, Hola Dear are so awesome for stopping by at my blog...thanks again for link your url/email at the chatbox...I will try my best to visit them when Im online...

So this time Im just helping out a friend of mine..which he happen to sell this Antivirus Kaspersky tinggy..

So I'll make it short since Im kinda hurry for my holiday vacation which I will update to you soon enough...which is right after the holiday...

So he happen to sell Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (KIS) and Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 (KAV)

Product detail:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (KIS)

*100% Original and 1 year license
*Price 3 users = RM55
Price 1 user = RM35

Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 (KAV)

*100% Original and 1 year license
*Price 1 user =RM20

Delivery Process

He will send the activation code to your email, so kindly send your email to him..but you need to make the payment first before he can send you the activation code.


You can make a transfer fund to him using Maybank or CIMB. I do apologize that I could not reveal his account number to the public..for safety purposes..

so if you are interested to buy this product, please send him an email. His email would be

That's all my updates for today...
Have a wonderful holiday vacation and....Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

School Holidays at Genting Highland!! (^_*)

Assalamualaikum and Hola dear bloggers..
forgive me for not updating my blog for a few weeks..
okay..thats a very time since my last update..
so I hope you can forgive me this time..
but im sure to give you a lots2 and lots of pictures.

how's your school holidays going on?
did you bring your sisters or brothers to an exciting places??
I did..and it was an amazing one..

anyway, this holiday happen to be yesterday
with RM 47 ticket which my sister bought at Gombak Lrt..
the ticket includes...Bus which is to Gombak-Genting, Genting-Gombak, tickets cable car, ticket for outdoors..
and so..we depart at 8 am in the morning..there's the bus..

with my sisters..all in black hijab..
and so around 40 minutes and so we arrived at the destination..

the picture of us in the cable car...

on the way to the entrance door

and so we entered the entrance door to the outdoor theme park..
but unfortunately the swing thing did not open yet so we went to the next one which is the carousel..I know its for the kids but its too damn early and thats the nearest one beside the swing..

my way of riding a carousel..
daaa..its for the kids.. was just joking around..
then we made our way to the spinning cup..
but I did not ride it because Im afraid might go dizzy n puke..
then we went for a ride at the boating and the bumper boat..
then to the pirates rides...
then take a break where Im in action...
so I put the pictures together okay..

Tadaaaa...Me in Action!!!

cool ain't it?
(^_^) I did this attempt right after I ate an apple..

this picture taken on the bus..

The swing~~~~!!

did you see me? did you? noo...? with the pink gloves..
pretty cool ain it? hehe..

after we got wet from riding the boat which cause such a big splash, we rode this thing which I dont know what it call

We also went to see 4D pirates show which cost RM 8 per person because its an indoor game

this picture taken before we enter the 4D hall..
interesting thing to see..

now again with the outdoor game..

the line were pretty long and I had to say Im quit thrill to ride this one...but at the same time im kinda afraid...

happily waiting in line..(^_^)
and then there goes the thrill ride...fuhh...awesome...!!!

I didnt ride the superman ride, the solero shots or what the call it...very scary ride..
but the funny thing happen..there's this one Malay girl ride this Corkscrew and once it starts she begin to scream like a maniac...seriously its kind of embarrassing...
that thing just did not go down yet..whats the fuss?
anyway, it really gets exciting because she happen to ride the Solero thingy and make a bit fool of herself because of the same thing..people are laughing at her..haha

Alhamdulillah it didnt rain on the morning to 7 something..
but the weather is super cold..
I had to wear my shawl, gloves and also buy a cute thing to cover my ears..

so around 7.10 we make our move and rode the cable car and wait for our bus to arrive at 8.15 was such a memorable time for us..we enjoy every single thing...I bet I do..because it has been a long time since we actually been to this kind of place..