Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't have to wait till new year to have a resolution right?

New Moods~!!

Assalamualaikum and Hola Hola to all my wonderful readers...
How's your vacation going on...?
I bet its full of joy and happiness..

Just 3 more days we are about to enter the new year and happily tearing out those old calendar on the wall and paste the new 2012 calendar..
Isn't exciting..?
I could actually feel something right now..
oh wait...sorry..that is just my tummy growling...LOLZ.

so here's the new year 2012 resolution...jeng3!!!
(^_^) waaa so epic ar kan..?

* More positive mind (since this year I fail to think wisely)
* More professional in dealing with people regarding sentimental emotion which can make people get easily imitate with it..
* More of the honest part (not being honest to myself lately)
* Need to work on body and facial expression..( comments from lecturers)
* speak out clearly (hello...Im still shy..but will try my best to work on it)
* Need to be more talkative ( this is for certain functions..I need to do this)
* Need to learn more of the cooking skills...(^_^)
* Need to brush my grammer a bit and pronunciation
* As a Muslim...I need to learn more for more knowledge about Islam...because I want to live the way that it is as a Muslim..Im proud to be a Muslim..Islam is the perfect code of life..<3
* a Muslim..I will need to work hard to change my wardrobe..I have to change...I need to change...someway I must find the solution to wear something decent..U get what im trying to say right? thats all for now..that I could think of...
I must get myself a new diary soon so that new updates that I could fill in the so-call-diary..
I wish you all the best of life...
for the new life that we will be entering 3 more days from now..
so as we enter this new year...lets us recall back what we have done throughout the entire year

lets say that we have done something wrong to others....we seek for forgiveness..
as a Muslim, we need to seek forgiveness to Allah Al-Mighty...promising that we wont do it again..

I know that I somehow did not completely seek forgiveness to those out there that I have accidentally hurt their feelings before..and I really do hope that someday..U know who u are...
U would have the heart to someday forgive me for all my wrong I act before...Im very sorry.honestly...when we did something to someone...we really feel bad about it...
and as a human being...although I cannot see U in person now...or in the future...I will forever be sending u doa thru my prayers.....wishing you have a better life in the future...

So I wish U all Happy New Year!!!

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