Friday, August 20, 2010

My life as a student is nice~

student life is very fascinating...
I enjoy every bit of it...
being in a new place and get to be friends with local and international people...

Super Cool!

me..A hotel management student...
already had a certificate for Hotel and Catering..
but once fill in the form had to choose either 1..
Culinary Art or Hotel Management..
as for me..I am interested to learn more about management in the hotel so I took my chance and thats how I choose this course..
but still this course is under one faculty and that is Faculty Hospitality and Tourism..

classroom look like...not all of them are like this..

yay...lets enjoy the student life okay?

class project at Genting Highland Theme Park...

join a trip with other event class to Putrajaya Botanical Garden...

below is the fun part of being a student..

with friends from food and beverage service class..

involve with the charity activities with the children at Nur Salam's home

when return back to my hometown..spend some time and hang out with BFF!!!

the happening class Event guys ROCK!!

new friends as I entered classes for the third sem...

besides being stressed out with assignment and project work given...and study hard to get a good pointer..U still have some happy time along the way right???
so no need to be tensed okay??
enjoy being a student because U will never be a student for the rest of your life right????