Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shaklee products help you to stay healthy and happY (^_^)

Hola Hola Ladies and Gentlemen..
Sorry for being away for about a decade I presume

Okay as U all can see the Logo I put up there...
U all might be thinking...
"Here she goes...offering some business plan bla bla bla. 
Well the truth obviously Im about to promote this product but PLEASE...not the business plan...
I dont have that much of the time...LOLZ

Okay so this is how it goes..
I'm a very hard to trust kind of person when it comes to try something new especially when it involves me have to swollen some medicine or whatever supplement available in the whole universe. 

To tell U the truth. I hate swallow things since I was a kid. Swallow something n thinking that it might be in your stomach n going thru my abdominal system...okay that is more to think of.

Anyway, before my sister actually put some sense into my brain..I did go thru the simple test where she place 2 glass of plain water n then begin to put one of the product from Shaklee and another one is obimin which bought from the pharmacy. If I'm not mistaken that time she used Vita Lea 
Amazingly once she drop both of the product in the water...I could see the Vita Lea absorbed fast in the water while the Obimin still let out the colour of the capsule which is red colour.

And from there I begin to believe maybe this product is good for me. Alhamdulillah...I never stop taking it. My Haemoglobin never let me down every time I do the medical check up at the clinic. 

And now I mention earlier that I would like to promote this product to you. Its very good for those who which to have be healthy, to booster your immune system, to protect your digestive system,also enhance alertness, memory & efficient in work, to get a flawless skin, for those who wish to shape up their body, and also can help improve glucose intolerance and maintain overall health

If you are ever interested in this supplement..please let me know. 
Until then I care for all my friends, I want everyone to be healthy, happy and most of all live a good life.
(^_^) adiosss!!!