Thursday, November 28, 2013

tahniah buatku...yeayy!! (^_^)

AssaLamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia..
Kali ni kasik versi bahasa melayu kita n nak loghat Kedah sikit la noh..
Okay lagu ni..(macam ini) cerita dia bermula pada 18.3 taun ni lah.. 
Pi klinik check pasai pa duk sakit perut sangat...bukan apa heran xperiod2 lagi
Masa tue pi klinik besa la hat kena bayaq tue...
Doktor pun suruh wat aiq kencing...( ambil ujian air kencing) 
Lepaih dia check tudiaa naik 2 tanda apa lagi doktor kata tahniah anda dah pregnant..
Melopong la ceq time tue sebab  xtaw nak ka apa...
Habaq kat cik abang...dia duk kata dah agak dah la...padahai cover dalam hati nak loncat2 sebab bakal jadi ayah...
Semua ahli keluarga di kedah smua heboh la dengan berita ni...dalam hati aku panjatkan syukuq pada Allah Taala sebab memberi keizinan pada hamba dia yang hina ni untuk merasa kebahagiaan lagi...Alhamdulillah...
Ok selesai dah bab ni fasa lain plak...
Bab loya tekak, mual la nak pitam la apa berlarutan dekat 3 bulan jugak la...
Pastu dah koi lama hilang sendiri la semua tue paihtu ceq apa lagi hentam la mkn xhingat dunia...punya nak cerita...gemuk la kan...tembam xpyah duk kata la...bagai di pam2...
Duk nak masuk 8 bulan kandungan tue pindah masuk duk ngan mertua sebab pak mentua risau kot jadi apa2 payah la sebab duk sorang siang2 hari...kalau duk umah mertua ada gak la mak mertua duk ada..makin la tembam sbb mertua masak sedap2... 

18 november 2013 pukui 2 petang lahirlah seorang bayi perempuan yang diberi nama Nur Zahra Alisya bt Mohd Affendi dengam berat 2.83 kg..Alhamdulillah lahir secara normal..selamat semuanya
Oleh sebab internet macam hampeh...xdapat la nak upload gambaq baby...
So setakat ini saja la post pada pagi ini,,,

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shaklee products help you to stay healthy and happY (^_^)

Hola Hola Ladies and Gentlemen..
Sorry for being away for about a decade I presume

Okay as U all can see the Logo I put up there...
U all might be thinking...
"Here she goes...offering some business plan bla bla bla. 
Well the truth obviously Im about to promote this product but PLEASE...not the business plan...
I dont have that much of the time...LOLZ

Okay so this is how it goes..
I'm a very hard to trust kind of person when it comes to try something new especially when it involves me have to swollen some medicine or whatever supplement available in the whole universe. 

To tell U the truth. I hate swallow things since I was a kid. Swallow something n thinking that it might be in your stomach n going thru my abdominal system...okay that is more to think of.

Anyway, before my sister actually put some sense into my brain..I did go thru the simple test where she place 2 glass of plain water n then begin to put one of the product from Shaklee and another one is obimin which bought from the pharmacy. If I'm not mistaken that time she used Vita Lea 
Amazingly once she drop both of the product in the water...I could see the Vita Lea absorbed fast in the water while the Obimin still let out the colour of the capsule which is red colour.

And from there I begin to believe maybe this product is good for me. Alhamdulillah...I never stop taking it. My Haemoglobin never let me down every time I do the medical check up at the clinic. 

And now I mention earlier that I would like to promote this product to you. Its very good for those who which to have be healthy, to booster your immune system, to protect your digestive system,also enhance alertness, memory & efficient in work, to get a flawless skin, for those who wish to shape up their body, and also can help improve glucose intolerance and maintain overall health

If you are ever interested in this supplement..please let me know. 
Until then I care for all my friends, I want everyone to be healthy, happy and most of all live a good life.
(^_^) adiosss!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Happy Marriage: 12 Tips for Marital Happiness and the Newlywed Glow (^_*)

AssaLamualaikum and hola hola hola dear awesome readers..
 Salam Jumaat, Salam 1 Malaysia and Salam Sejahtera

my thoughts and what I learnt before and after I got married...actually way way different then what I expected it to be. I wont say its more on the negative side...
hello...who doesn't want to get married right???
 I bet everyone does..

So here are some things that I thought I like the most about marriage and of course this is all based on my research

1. Make time for each other. Time to listen. Time to talk. Time to just be together. Play and work as a couple. Instead of rushing, slow down.

2. Appreciate something good about your partner. Tell him/her. Tell others, in front of him/her.

3. Share common goals and values. Work as a team to achieve them. Push and pull for the same basic things in your lives.

4. Say, "I love you." Often. To yourself, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your friends, your animals - anyone who is special in your life. (And, yes, family pets should be included. Interaction with them has numerous mental and physical health benefits.)

5. Smile. At yourself, your friends, your family, and strangers. Smile especially at those that seem to be having a hard day. Warning: smiles are contagious and those you smile at are likely to smile back at you.

6. Take time for yourself. Do something special for yourself each day…enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee, take a bubble bath, or relax with a hobby.

7. Use the best things you have. Don't save them for special occasions. Wear new clothes while they fit, eat produce at its peak, use your good dishes for everyday meals. Enjoy every one of your possessions.

8. Take time for your partner. Do a good deed. Give sincere compliments.

9. Enjoy the common miracles of life. Watch the sunrise. Smell wild flowers. Listen to the birds flying overhead.

10. Laugh. Share a joke, read the comics…or tickle and be tickled back.

11. Celebrate each day. Find good in it.

12. Decide to be happy. Think positively. Remember that you bring about what you think about. You have control over how you feel.

Notice that these things are all about you? Some don't involve your mate at all. That's because having a happy marriage is only partly about the other person. But, it's all about you. You – your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs. You have the power to determine your marital happiness. 

okay so thats all for today..until next till...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Im back..again...and this time for REAL!!!

AssaLamuaLaikum..and Hola Hola Hola dear readers..

Okay as you all can see, I have been gone for a LONG loNg and very long time 
my blog is full of COBWEB!!!
aaaaaaaaaa shuhhhh okay and its a bit dusty thou..

never mind about that, I will try my best to do some spring cleaning soon...and I mean very soon...In Shaa Allah.

and now, for the reason of me being away...
well, I have to focus on my studies, my life, my new life..ahaaaaa

talking about my new life...
Alhamdulillah...all praise to Allah Al-Mighty, I am a married woman now.  
when..??? well...that is...I will story morry later okay?
In shaa Allah...
a new chapter in my life...

first and foremost I would like to ask for some forgiveness for some of the people...
that I have hurt their heart excidently 
and for not inviting to my wedding.. is so called "The Big Day" so I kind of busy to handle all the event and all that I mis invite some of my close friends..Im very very soryy!!!

below is the picture taken by the photographer...
this is d only copy I received so far...
You all maybe wondering y there's two bride n bridegroom...
well the outfit in purple is my sister...yup, our Big Day is the same day...

so thats all for now...I will certainly update more in the next post...
see ya!!