Saturday, July 21, 2012

SaLam Ramadhan al-Mubarak! (^^,)

and Hola hola hola my dearest friends...
Good Morning...Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all Muslims out there...
I hope that you all had your sahur (early morning meal)
I had my sahur this morning with my was a cheerful one..because my mom came to KL..
and the most enjoyable thing of all is that today is Im on my off day..

oooooo yes, I forgot to mention since I've been away for quite sometime now and have not updated anything yet..
I went for an interview on 11th July which is on Wednesday at the Royale Chulan Hotel which is located at the 5, Jalan Conlay and its near to Pavillion Kuala Lumpur..
and so during the interview session with Miss Atiqah, well I did my best and try to sell myself...I mean my skills and experience and all to her and I did ask a certain question about my attire and do I get any allowance or not...
Not to forget, since the hotel is a 5 star hotel, so I did not get to be in the Operation department...which is in front of the house (service direct to the guest including Housekeeping department) because I wore a I had no choice but to choose Sales & Marketing  Department...its worth it that I had the experience before as the Marketing Co-ordinator, so it should be no problem at all...(I think)

And so, the next day...I received a call from the HR department that I have been accepted to do my practical training there...not to mention that was the second call I received from the hotel..the other hotel are from the Quality Hotel near to the Sogo...and a colleagues of mine came with me at the interview session as walk in got the job too but not the same department as mine...his name is Safwan..he got the Housekeeping and the Front Office Department..and I myself have to bare with the Sales Department for the whole 3 month..but long as I gain the experience in a 5 star hotel..

16th July is the date that I arrived at the hotel, went straight to the Hr Department and went to the Training room which are stated beside HR the whole day I end up in the Training Room with other people who got a permanent job at the hotel, but it was a pleasant one because the food was seriously!

the next day 17th July, I begin my training with getting to know the staff in Sales Department, learn a bit here and there...move around distribute BEO to 14 Department..there was this morning briefing where if one of the staff late to attend the briefing or meeting, end up with penalty of shall noted down that I have to be hurry everytime we have briefing or meeting

I took about 1 hour and 2-4 minutes to get to the hotel from home since I had to ride the Putra and make an exchange to Monorail...and the 20 minutes of walking to the hotel..phewwwh~ thats gotta sweat a lot..

There, today's got two topic which are about Ramadhan wishes and also my babbling about my practical training..until then...stay tune for the next post from me..

may this blessing month create a new hope, a new life, a new us as a Muslims to become a better Muslim or Muslimah and to get Allah blessing...insyaAllah..

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Positive..
AssaLamuaLaikum!! (^_^)