Friday, December 11, 2009

owh no U didn'~

mood: exhausted but yet still happY

that morning I ask Aini again about the direction from Sultan Ismail to Hang Tuah because this is going to be my first time going to places by myself
so I just don't want to get lost thats all

im going to Berjaya Times Square to meet Najmie and Kak Ijah..

so after being confident with the direction and all,
I went to the college and to sachdev as there's a meeting with the assistant of the faculty if im not mistaken at 10 am on 1st floor

it turn out to be that I just have to fill in some form and so on~

it took about 15 minutes for me to do so after that I made a call and ask if we could meet early since I donno what to do if I went home and wait till 12.30,
it will be a waste of time and money
after I ask my classmates again about the direction,
and make my move to T.S
i bought myself a ticket and wait for the Lrt to come
im confident that I have come to the right place my face!
I am on the wrong train!!!

I was so worried and panic that I called Aini and she told me to calm down and not to go anywhere,
just stay there because the Lrt will change track and will soon move on the next line to the place where I'll be going to...
and....she was right about that so I felt relieve...

the train stop at Hang Tuah and I walk to T.S as I arrive there,
I went to Borders
since they didn't came yet
and peacefully read a novels there


about an hour and fifteen minutes there,

they finally came
then we went to Chicken Rice Shop and had lunch there

me and najmie... and this is Kak ijah...!

yummy lunch and the good part is it is paid by Najmie..!!!!!
then Aini came....
right from the college since she has her presentation

we talk a bit then I excuse myself because I have to walk to Hang Tuah to catch a train to Sultan Ismail to get back at the college so that I didn't missed my English Class

but I promise them that I'll be back at T.S after class

once arrive at the Havella's building at 6th floor,

bumped into friends and help them with the role play..
just play as one of the character
and by 3.40 pm,
me and flora went down on 4th floor since our class is on that floor..

snap some pics...

me,the red shirt is Flora, behind her is Isabella, and behind Bella is Atun...

age...??? 18,19,18
okay2...i know i'm old so what.????
this pics taken before class and my classmates stay outside the corridor since there's still other people using the class..

see! just bored at that time so I took pictures

the one on peach hijjab is Miss Sakeena my English lecturer...
she is 23 years old and NOT married yet...

very nice lecturer...
and quite sporting...

as class started, the role play start..

here is the best role play ever in the class...

ck to watch it!

ok lah sebab kami dak2 sem 1 baru meh!

U can't expect something like a real actor in the tV okay???

because there is a certain of the budak sememeh in my class that annoys Miss Sakeena so she pist of and left the class...
I was dumbfounded and look around the class
i didn't get to tick my name on the class attendant form..

So, I made my move to T.S
and again be with my sisters...
they just sit at Starbuck just to serve the internet so I couldn't help it from wondering off with Kak ijah and got us a fish massage for 15 minutes=RM10


then me and Najmie went to bought the tickets

for the comic fiesta for this 19th and 20th December

which will be held at Sunway Piramid
unfortunately the ticket is sold for two days only which me and aini couldn't afford to go since it is quite far from our place and our budget is running low..
so....we didnt buy the ticket and was hoping on that 19th,
we could arrive earlier to buy the ticket as a walk in..

then we went back at Starbuck and waited and waited because Najmie said that Abg Ejay will be coming to read the 'tinggy' she wrote and will be published soon...

so that she could win herself a labtop...

this is a picture which I took with Kak ijah because we are toooooooooooo bored

once Abg Ejay came...
erm well Najmie chat with him and
bla bla bla they have stuff to do and I...
dont mind drinking her choclate shake??
or whatever that is..

aini had lots of choclate drinks and she is hipper active that made her dance in the Starbuck...

okay.....very funny one but.........
i don't think i'll upload that video in here or else she will kill me for good...
then its time to get home...

so Abg Ejay kindly wanted to send us to the Terminal Putra...
so we walk to his car and to our surprise and him too he got himself a love letter from the police...
becuase he park his car on the wrong place..
well....we felt guilty for that and so Najmie told me that she want to give some money to him without him noticing it (she placed it somewhere in his car
as we arrived at the Terminal Putra,
say goodbye and Abg hafiz came and took us there and drove us back to Sentul at our place..

okay...i'm bored~!

p/s: im tired of telling this kind of thing as if im making myself a diary in my own blog i'll change my way of blogging about stuff soon so that im not that bored of writting it

btw, if im not mistaken....i bumped into Tomok at T.S at the second floor..
i confidently think that it is Tomok because if he is an artist he will dress up like that...
wearing a black glasses and a hat...

i didnt take his picture because he came with a girl...

so.....biar je lah ey????

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Max J. Potter said...

this has a nice feeling to it. =) i like it.

does the pemuda have a name?

btw, you're invited.