Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my dream world....

(the picture has nothing to do with this entry)
i just missssss her soooooo much!
mood: periods

period weeks for me...
lying on the bed doing nothing
as i felt my body has aching
the terrible pain doesn't seem to fade away

im sitting alone in my room
looking outside the window
but my mind is somewhere else
i thought maybe it is because of the pain

as I fall asleep i began to dream
a dream which I never thought of
a dream that i wanted
a dream that made me felt burden of
a pain that ive gain since I dreamt about it
why the dream keep repeating itself
what are the reasons behind it????
thats the reasons I couldnt fall asleep..? (soundly)
why must I dream of something that is never been cleared...
as I thought about it hard, i came to think that it is just a dream
a dream that just exist in my world of dream
a dream where I wanted it so badly to turn to life(reality)
maybe I am dreaming right now that im writing this entry
i think I should continue living in my dream world a bit longer....
in order to search for the real answer to my question

i shall sleep now...

p/s: tomorrow got class and meetings which I dont know of so gud nyte....!!!!

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'AQILAH said...

bangun...pagi dah :)