Thursday, December 24, 2009

it makes me weap

current mood: famished

it has to be about food and nothing else
i donno..i love to eat those delicious foods...
they taste so yummy...


sorry...what i meant is about moments where U just wanted so much to just let it be
follow what U need, what U wanted so much
i am not just talking about foods here (since I like it so much)
but the main part is liking the feelings of it
what makes me weap???
good question...(that is exactly my question which I ever want to mention in this post)
i'm in the mood of creating a simple folder of an interesting post of the month
of course not...
i've been dying to get myself to post about it
but unfortunately I can't do that without the internet..
if U can see the sense out of it..
it makes me weap because
there is a problem with the internet about the past 2 days
leaving in this house without internet is like not having something important in your life
get what im trying to say here????

and last night we went to Jitra to get my new identity card, went to see Quratul Ain since she has turn into 1 year old kid...
and she is sooooooooo damn cute niece...
well unfortunately (had to blame aini)
I can't upload the picture now since she really NEED THE INTERNET BADLY
oppsss....blame the caps lock for that..

well I can't even show the picture I took last night because there is a terrible excident happen in Jitra..if i'm not mistaken 3 people die...
and it is on the news at 1.30 pm
maybe next time i'll upload it....

p/s: btw, tomorrow im going to Jitra,spend a night or two because im going to visit my schoolmate at her house because she will be finishing her "pantang" here and i'll be seing her first school geng got married and have a baby...
I would certainly ask her bunch of questions..
she is a long not lost friend...
maybe I would ask her some tips..
so.......thats all

p.p.s: these week question: if U have a guy friend who is 8 years older than U and he ask U to be her girlfriend....but U have no feelings for him...since U are close to him and U dont want him to get hurt.....what are U going to do????


'AQILAH said...

terus terang, yg kamu tak suka dengan dia...:) he will understand...truth is hurt

intan said...

tq... tapi nak cakap tue yang susah..huhuh...need miracle to do that...*weap*

Anonymous said...

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