Saturday, November 28, 2009

eating my heart out!!!!

mood: full

i went out with my family...
there's my mom, Najmie, aini and wahida...
missing sister, Khadijah...
she went to her in law's..spend her raya with them..
we went to Kuala have some seafoods...yummy!
can't wait to eat my heart out....!!!

we order a lot of food
first i order abc....and the rest order drinks etc
then we order chicken satay about 30 stick
then we order rice, mix tomyam, squid fried with flour
and a large ikan siakap...

i eat and eat and eat until i sweat like crazy...(neyh i'm just exaggerate about that)
the main point is......i like to eat nowdays
i get famished like every two hours..
didn't believe me?
well...i also can't make U believe me if U chose to not believe in me..
but thats the fact...
i eat a lot...
i didn't remember when or how i start to eat a lot..
maybe there's a reasons why i do it....
sometimes my mouth wants to keep on eating and chewing..
but my heart say "please stop...don't stuff any more food in here...i'm begging U"
but it didn't seem to make any changes in the past few years..
and then my face became more chubbier then ever...
well not to mention every inch of my body seems as it is pumped..

these kind of situation gets worse if....
(i mean me eating lots and lots of food)
is when....
i'm upset
i'm sad
i'm angry
i'm piss of
i'm too happy
i'm on my pms
i'm crying

i don't like the kind of situation that i just mention up there
but thats me..
the temptation is tooo big to handle....
what am I fooling...
well dear bloggers....
i need some of your opinion on how to overcome the temptation of eating..
give me some tips okay..
thanks a lot..

p/s: i'll be on my way home tomorrow bus is at 8.30 am
good night!!!!!

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'AQILAH said...

cuba buat benda lain beside makan. eg, jerit ker bile sedih.