Thursday, November 26, 2009

interesting subject

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my fourth week being a KLMU's student
feelings...? indifferent...why? I'm culture shock!
well...its not something new actually since i use to study at Langkawi before
but nevertheless I'm still culture shock okay..?
if U are wondering about how SHOCKED I am..
i must make a list of the shocking things I saw and I went through right?
well.....i shall make that later....
because for this entry I want to talk about my interesting subject that I've learnt here

since this is my third week being in class and so
i learnt basic English
why..? well my subject for this semester is English Communication...

well it happen that after we make our essays that I've told in the recent post
my lecturer Miss Sakeena gave us a new task or i should say a group work...

the new assignment I got is my group and I about 4 to 5 people....
create a role play...
the question goes like this:

a) in a group of 4-5, choose a situation
(telling your fierce dad that you've getting married, ordering food out at a restaurant etc)
b) write a script of the play
* each member must have at least 5 lines
c) use all the tenses in the notes
d) once the script is approved, you may begin practicing the play

script due date: by Wednesday 25/11/09
play: starting Thursday after Raya Haji which is postpone on two weeks after raya I think

at first I say...

WHAT THE DUCK! Najmie would say...

why..? of all the title in the world why is the situation has to be end with marriage??

and and my group of 4...
sit down and discuss about it and wrote down a script...
then after we finished and submit the script, I will bring the script home to practise it..
and..................that's about it!


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