Thursday, October 15, 2009

siLLy me!

me, mom and kak ijah went to Jitra last night since i have to buy my things for the intake November and there is some of the things i can get it with a cheaper price at Jitra.
so we went there after i send wahida to school at 7.25 am plus after i took my bath and get ready and plus send najmie off to class at Colgis and plus escorting mom to the bank to pay the bills and finally arrive at Jitra.

so...we went to our house in Jitra to send kak ijah there since she is not in a good condition to go shopping and get my stuff and all~ and so before waiting for the shop to open we played with my favorite niece, Quratul Ain..but sadly she had a chicken pox on her body

this is me and my cute niece...

well,since I missed her so much and I will be going to Kl soon. wont hurt if i'll upload lots of her pictures for this post k?

just bare with me here k?

her new hair i made....nice or not?
(just say yes okay)

this is the bottles of cream propolis which i use to wear everyday...

yup, i made her be my model for the shampoo that i wore...

oaw~ very cute...

we went get me a new identity card since the chip cannot be detected anymore and since my i/c look so crack?
the guy who took my picture told me that i can come and get my new i/c after two weeks

two weeks!!!!!!

by that time i'm already at KLMU...
what am I suppose to do???
well, for sure somehow I have to go back to Kedah

somehow after that i went with mum to pay her celcom bils

and then we start to shop for my stuff

i only needs...

2 slacks

2 white kemeja

black and white tudung

socks,inner scarf, and some of the toiletries

and then went to Avon and bought my eyeliner (now you know where I bought it)


after the shopping and all~
we went home and played with Quratul Ain again and had lunch before head home
we arrive at Wahida's school around 1.40 pm
and went straight home
i began to wash my pants and all the things i bought...

during 4-5 something i got callled from KLMU and kak zaini told me that the offer letter is send to me on September at my address in Sintok but somehow I did not by any chance receive it
i am a bit tense at that moment but she calm me by saying that she and some of the group from KLmu will come to Kedah for the road tour this Friday
but somehow that day I cannot manage myself to go
and so~
she will asked Kak Hani about me and they will settle it somehow

all I'm afraid of is
where am I going to stay
and two...should I get my medical check up before I go
and three where is my offer letter go?

well, okay thats all i have to say...

i need to get myself ready to go to wahida's school
since there's a meeting involve parents and so~
mom couldn't make it so me and kak ijah are going to go on her behalf.. was your day???
and yes, I forgot to take my breakfast and medicine this morniNg...

siLLy me!


feshnie said...

First of all, NO, you don't need a freakin medical check-up
2nd, I think you should check at the post office for that offer letter. Mine was also stuck the same way
3rd, try your best to go to that road tour. It helps a lot.
You can even clear up the issue about hostel and everything.
Lastly, kiss QA for me.

intan said...

the third one is a no2 can do since mum is very2 busy that day...
i don't know what to do~