Saturday, October 17, 2009

my simple and messy thoughts

although my heart and mind are not together right now
i still able to smile

well dis does not have to do with me feelings happy about getting another boyfriend or anything
its just that i am happy to further my study at Kl
yes2...thats the main tinggy that i want to put up for this entry..
you mind is flying to the place where i am going soon
but my heart is still here...
in this very small tiny place where i use to be
apart from being able to get over it....
yea yea...siLLy me..
this is very important Intan...

just get it done with! (REMINDING MYSELF)
As I would with it!
well things would be different back then when i'm not for the mood of "learning"
and I could say my mentality is NEVER been creative and innovative enough to SEE the future further and more clearer....if only u could see me back then....
i have trouble myself doing things that I'm not suppose to do...
not that i'm a bad girl....
maybe naughty as a giRl whom like to explore things rather than busy with learning
since i dont like thinking so much *ahem
and so aaaaaa....
yup, I enjoy life....
I enjoy the learning process while I'm at Langkawi back then...
i get some of the experience that I never thought I would able to do
because of not believing of my capability on doing things on my own
but the learning process for the pass two years thought me to be independent
to take responsible in any action or the things i chose to stick with
but then...
when i finished my studies and graduate...
I've become so lazy and all...
and listening to my friends made me stop myself from follow what my mum want to leads me
and because of that...i put myself in a new world which i chose to work and get experience
first time in my life, never work in the factory before and chose not to
somehow i am sort of been pulled by my cousin and well at that time there is not much of a choice for me and i am still scared of working with people i don't know
so I travel to Kulim and work with my cousin...
the factory of gloves...
the everyday work is the same thing..
and the environment is sooooo.....not healthy...
and because of my sinus problem i have to quit that job...
but the experience, the fun time and learning the basic of sign language made it the happy and memorable time i had and i will never forget that..despite from the negative friends i had
yup, I'm still happy!
gladly to say....all the thing that has happen to me...
there is a hidden meanings and i accept it with an open heart although what i've been trough maybe is not A BIG DEAL for some of the people..
but for some who knew about it....
IS it BIG DEaL....?
don't answer that...

well...i better make this clear though because some of u out there maybe does not have any clue what i'm trying to say
so...i'll give u some keys for this post

1. its about what i think about my past and presents..
mcm belajar grammer lak kan
2. its about my life yang mess because of my stupid decision
3. because i can hear but not to obey
4. my babble about stuff I don't think u know

so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNd thats about it!
have a wonderful afternoon!

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