Sunday, October 18, 2009

dinNer inviTation aT EDC..

this post happen to be after the whole incident of me fell in the bathroom tinggy..
so after the pain at my butt and my back...
i lay down in my room wondering if I would able to go to the dinner or not
as i lay down and think and take a deep breathe...
i say to myself...'whatever'
so i start to walk like an injured person
put on my clothe and a bit touch up for the face
and by 8.20 pm me n my family arrive at EDC hotel..
just a 5 minutes drive
once we arrive at the hotel i tried so hard to walk in a normal way
but inside i'm crying ma..
well the pain is still 'fresh'

but i manage to go until I finally get my seat and slowly seated with a happy sort of face
after the short speech from the VIP guest n all,
we are invited to take our foods on the buffet line
so i carefully walk to the buffet line and took my foods and all
i have to say...the feelings is like you just finish having an operation and you begin to walk right after the resuscitation...
okay well the food is deeeeeelicious i tell ya..
and happy to see my friends there and my supervisor as I've told u before i use to work there
as a waitress..
i try to take his pictures but he went home early and well its okay..

so enjoy the pictures..

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