Sunday, October 18, 2009

awful time~

had an accident last night around 7.35 pm

in the bathroom

trip on something blue

does it hurt?
u bet it does...

how are you at that moment?
don't know what to say...
my whole body is aching
i felt like going for a massage or going for an x-ray for my back bone

how are u feeling today?
well, nothing seems to be any better....
i walk like a duck
my butt is hurt and so is my back..
i couldn't get much sleep last night because i couldn't find the right position and since someone sort a kick me at the back...well i'm not angry
maybe i get this incident because of bad stuff i did before
and totally before i took shower last night
my mom already babble about me taking my bath around maghrib time
so aaaaaaa maybe its kinda my fault
i didn't listen..
well it happen someday anyway..
since the bathroom floor is a bit slippery...
not that bit its really slippery coz mom use to fell before..
this matter is to be blame at the person whom made the floor...


end of my awful time~

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