Tuesday, October 20, 2009

give me a minute~

after the two days of having problem after problem
i think i could use a bit time to rest..
my back is killing me just by sitting on this chair although the chair is fine and comfortable
but the pain on my back and my butt still there..
doesn't seem to be kinda better...let it be

well lookin at my schedule for this week seems to be getting busier than ever since this thursday me and my family are going to KL to send my clothe and things plus meet aini and she will be following us to take my sister and her husband at Gombak and then continue our journey to Melaka on Friday...and sleep at somewhere and the next that on saturday went for Najmie's convocation and after that we head to Johor...
and then went back to Kedah
because wahida has to attend her exam next monday
i haven't pack up my things...
so well...i'm off now to pack my things and search for them
so...take care....

love U guys so much!


~Am Sya~ said... sy pasan awk student uum gak!

gudluck 4 the examination k!


intan said... bukan student uum...
saya baru nak masuk klmu awl bulan depan.heheh tp sy memg stay kat sintok pown...

StingRay said... macam obama.