Friday, September 30, 2011

Tour around KL..part 1

Milano Spaghetti Meatball~

Assalamualaikum and hello hello hola dear readers~

how are you doing this fine sunny day?
Alhamdulillah...I just had my lunch with my sisters and the important thing is I cook..
yeah2...I know im not a good least its eatable..

I can't say its a real tour where we go to certain places for a particular time and in group..
this tour is just some of the part where sometimes I ought to go alone, with friends and with its not a tour which I go for a could also be for two days


I went to the Istana Budaya last Saturday or maybe its Sunday..I have a short-term-memory lost here...but the main point is I finally go to such places..
I intend to actually went to all of the important places in Kuala Lumpur..because my studies at Kl will soon end and at least I want to say to my friends that I have reach to lots of places during my studies here..

and so I went in the Istana Budaya..still need proof for that? okay fine...

there you go..happy now?

but I can't take a picture inside the building I'd took the picture outside the building near the so-called-itself a fountain...

aha...thats the fountain back there...
but unfortunately can't stay long since it begin to rain that evening..
and so~

Istana Budaya~
Dataran Merdeka~

so next would be Dataran Merdeka~ Finallly!
after being a student on her 7th semester finally she have the opportunity to go there
but the happy time did not last long...
I was like....this is it????!!
there's nothing else to do rather than snap the pictures...lots2 of pictures..
and you can like go straight home because U felt so bored spending your 15 minutes just to be there...but I did have this picture..

bendera tue tinggi benar ok..!
I Love Malaysia..!!

anyway, the other day I went to Klcc and have breakfast there..
I really love to eat kfc a.m ,meal where they cost rm4 and U get to have a nice teh tarik with a cheesy egg bun..but that morning I was like super hungry so I had the a.m meal and also a new one which I just try..the combo breakfast which have a bun, egg, sort of the potato, and also hot drinks which I took teh tarik and the other one was for my sister..

see...I told you so I eat a lot..

anyway, the breakfast was tasty and I finish it all up~

the Klcc tower I took..pretty nice isn't it..

and I also watch the fountain..its a peaceful feeling just by looking at the water U know..
and then the day-dreaming happen..and all of the sudden U are back in reality life when Ure friends snap U out of it..lolz!

and so more exciting tour around Kl soon~
to be continue~

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading your blog! You're lucky you study in KL. I guess you can easily hit any R&R spot for a quick break from studies.