Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eid Mubarak story (^_^)

Assalamualaikum and Happy Eid Mubarak everyone...!!!

My Eid Mubarak celebration this year was fantastic, awwwwwwesome!!
Can't actually express it with words but maybe U could see them in some of the pictures I've uploaded for ya'll to see them..

The first Eid Mubarak was celebrated with the morning prayer at the mosque..
after that, we eat together since every year there will always been food provided in front of the mosque...they got variety of Lemang, ketupat, rendang, laksa (I think) Nasi Tomato (Tomato Rice) and they got fried chicken, Acar timun n nenas, got some of the curry meat or Dalca I think..
Alhamdulillah..praise to Allah for the delicious foods...
and then went back home and prepared myself with the new clothe and all...
the theme for my Baju Raya this year would be Red and Black..
which U could see them above...
that would be my profile picture at "facebook"..
anyway...carry on...

nice color isn't it??

The first day of Eid was with family and relatives and also my mom's closest friends..
I must say that this year..there are lots of changes
this year..I get to meet like all of my mother's brothers and sisters...
and their children and grandchildren...soo cute meh!!okay...Im so envy now.
Mommy...I want to get married soon okay..LOLz!

this is how my dress looks like..
very comfy!

the 2nd day we celebrate it by going to my mom's friend house..
just 2 house I think...but that took like way so much of my time
but cannot blame my mom...I had fun with my sisters..we snap lots of pictures

and this would be 1 of them...(^_^)

the 3rd day of Eid we went to Jitra since my sister Najmie had a BBQ with her school mate friends after Asar and I myself want to be with my I get to meet Anim, Diena and Sarah..

this is me n my niece..Quratul Ain...ain't she the cutest!!
so cute I always end up biting her cheek..:-p

carry on with the next day..on 3rd September...
I had to say goodbye to Najmie..she's going back to KL...
and Wahida because she's going back to her school at Alor Setar
and so we have a family photo before send Najmie off..

missing person: Najmie..and the camera man appears in the picture..Abg Hafiz..

f.y.i: this is the new KFC and the only one in Changlun...
so we had to go and eat there..LOLz!

after that~
went to Jitra..

with my sister Khadijah n Aini chan~

the last story would be...

the last day of Eid I had which are yesterday
I went with a friend, and my sister to Bukit Kayu Hitam, Alor Setar, Jitra and UUM
and I had just a few of pictures to show...
nothing much actually but it was fun..

pictures taken in the car by Aini Chan~

this pictures taken in front of the Istana Anak Bukit... awesome are your Eid Mubarak this year??


mr.syazwan said...

merah membara semangat waja


intan said...

putih mu bersih budi kita nak kena nyanyi lagi ker nie?? hehe...thanks mr.syazwan sudi bace blog saya...:-P selamat hari raya...maaf zahir dan batin...:-)