Monday, August 22, 2011

What a relief!

mood: exhausted

the burden on my shoulder has finally gone
3 paper for final exam for a day is too much right?
so Im thankful that its over now..
so now its time to go back to my hometown and release my stress, my sorrow, my pain for the pass 1 month been thru...
and I seriously wont want my face to be gloomy all the time
and so I made up my decision on moving on with my life...
make some changes to it..
try doing something for myself
I dont want to be left behind..
I want to be someone in the future
talking about someone.....

I will wait for this "someone" to knock down the door that I recently close before..
that is if U have the guts to do it lor
Its not easy to have me...
if u want me....

p/s: I want to play hard to get now. tQ!

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