Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Salam Ramadhan to all...(^_^)

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning dear bloggers!

Salam Ramadhan to all...

It has been awhile since my last sorry for not updating anything at all and on the 17 th day of Ramadhan morning finally I have to find some of my revision time to update my post
plus because my broadband is totally out and I use P1 wimax nearly a week..
and now...Praise to Allah..finally my sister and her husband use Unifi at home and I love it!
(^_^) <-------see my happy faces

I must say, since we use Unifi, Ive been like downloading video here and there and Im so happy I get to watch anything at youtube like seriously fast...without waiting at all..because it goes on and on and on till morning which is kind of go to the disadvantages since Im suppose to be studying for my final exam...Boo-hoo!

and Im becoming more happier since I can like be online on YM and FB like all the freakin time...
and so...I came to think...OMG!!!
I got 5 more days to prepare and yet Im going here and there with my friends to buy things for Hari I also meet new friends...aha..very2 good right???

and so with my awesome and hard to tell life gets pretty amazing..
and Im glad I did not waste my time enjoying every moment in my life
although sometimes it sucks but most of the time...
it gets me on going..and I love it

and I...hope that my life would turn out to be more fun and full of surprises...
because i do love surprises...!

Happy Fasting people! Love U all!..(^_^)

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