Friday, September 9, 2011

New Semester about to start!

Assalamualaikum and Hello...hello...hello to all my dearest readers
feeling great this morning?
it must be from the comfortable bed and blanket and a nice dream U had right?
plus a good breakfast to start your day...

anyway, today I would like to talk more about my new semester registration which I successfully registered on the 1st September since the last day for registration would be on 8th September..
and plus its been done thru online..
at the student portal of course...

yeah, if U can see the picture above, it shows how happy the cute kid are because he had to show his awesome face at U and U had to believe that he's awesome

please believe it...

this semester would be a long semester
not that long actually..only 5 month
and after that final exam...
so I took 5 subject this semester since 6 subject are not allowed to be taken and I doubt that I can pay attention to lots of subject at a short month..
so my class would be from Monday to Thursday
normal time from 8 am to 6.30 pm
after 6.30 pm, students will be learning with the part time students

5 subjects taken this semester would be

  • MPW 1143 Islamic Studies
  • UFS 104 Critical and Creative Thinking
  • TDC 203 Hospitality Cost Control
  • TDH 222 Customer Service in Hospitality
  • UFS 301 Essential Business Communication Skills
pretty strong subject dont U think??

I shall go thru this semester with a new hope, new motivation, new strength and new attitude..
so wish me all the best k?

Chaiyok2 Intan!!!


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