Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak!!!

~Happy face for Eid Mubarak~

Hello dear bloggers, How are you?
Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims that celebrate it and Happy Holidays to all
I bet some of you are seriously happy eating meats and lots and lots of meats this Eid..

Usually the Eid Mubarak starts with
me gets up early and took my bath and get ready to go to the nearby Mosque..
but this Eid I didnt went to the mosque...
I stay home and dress pretty..well not that pretty lor..

then had breakfast ( a light breakfast which it turn out to be heavy..hurm..)
then head to Jitra at my cousin house
and eat.. there got Beriyani Rice, Rendang Chicken, Curry Chicken and Tempoyak
after that snap some pic..

~My family..minus Aini and Kak Ijah and Abg hafiz

and after that we went to my mom's friend house...
very nice family..
Bangladesh people..
Im not that good at speaking so I keep myself busy with the cute Persian kitten..

thanks to my sister Feshnie Fox for this picture...

Second Day of Eid Mubarak

the flower which has bloom on the day of Eid..
at my house in Sintok..

since I sleep over at Jitra, my old house...
my family came to Jitra and then me n my sisters went to our aunt house at Taman Permai
they have an open house..
mostly for relatives..
but my mom and both kak long and quratul ain didnt go because mom is busy with taking care of Quratul Ain..she's sick..high fever..which that morning I took her to the nearby clinic where I got wet for trying to protect her from the rain and yet I got headache for that
owh well...
then my family head to Alor Star where we went to Pizza Hut and order well stuff
I didn't know how my stomach can accept all the foods..
but I was happy since I like mushroom soup now..haha

so this is the picture of me..

okay2 I know..I'm getting fat-Er...yeah so..
I eat a lot gain weight of 50 kg..
so deal with it!!

and so after the deelicious meal which my sister Najmie treat us..
we went to Sentosa since Najmie want to buy herself a new labtop
she's going for Asus.

and then there was the envy part in me that says..
"Untungla...taun bile mau dapat labtop nie kan..asyik pinjam orang punyer jer.."
owh well...envy between sisters..thats like normal thing..
but we get over with it pretty quick since we understand the situation we are in..

then its time to say goodbye to my little no so little to me since she is wayyyy to tall in the family..and a big cute for the size..but yet she's the nice one that follow my order,,,
I love you sister...hehe..
anyway, hug n kiss here and there and so long sis...
and head back to Jitra again n play with Quratul Ain..
she's already recover from her fever after ate KFC...
okay spoil kids nowdays..:-)

and so...very boring story from me..
please forgive me for not updating the second part of the previous post
I was extremely busy with my life as a student..

I had a mid term exam from 31 tp 4 th November and on 4th November at 9 pm I head back to Kedah from Kl...very2 busy..

sorry and I hope U do accept my post for this Eid Mubarak as my sincere apology..
last words...
Hope You Have A Wonderful Day Ahead

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atiqa aris said...

hepy mubarak.kemsalam kuceng comel tu eh.hee