Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch 'CUN' at KLCC on Thursday evening

hola, hola, hola!!!
pheww its Friday today and I have a new story to tell..
last night my experience going to KLCC alone for the first time...
okay2..I know its not a BIG DEAL..
but living in the BIG city makes me scared I got lost somewhere..
based on what my sister use to say to me..
"only idiots who doesn't know how to read a signboard will got lost"
boohoo! I'm soooo not that kind of person...
so from my place, I took a bus to Titiwangsa, then I ride the LRT to Masjid Jamek then I went down to the Kelana Jaya I think..and took the train to the KLCC..Its not that hard to get to KLCC
its really easy if you went there on the right time which does not clashed with the time where people are rushing to go back home around 4.30 pm..
I manage to arrived at KLCC around 4.40 pm...and after I enter the KLCC..boy!!!
there's those nice smell...!!


seriously, the roti boy is super awesome taste! I love it so much...every time I go to KLCC I would buy the Roti BOY aka BREAD BOY ya..

so let's go back to the story..
the plan is I will go on my own to KLCC and my sister and all her office mates will come after 4 pm since they finished work at that time so since it was my first ever time to go alone, I plan to go early so that I don't have to rush..then after I arrived there, I walk around and manage to find the new KFC which they recently close down to upgrade to a BIGGER place..yup..I'm impressed..
and so me and my sister Khadijah contact each other and we met at the Female Surau where she pray Asar before we head to the cinema on the 5th floor if Im not mistaken was 6th maybe..owh well, I didn't count lor...lets leave it for a while okay??
on the phone my sister did mention we watch the movie at 6 pm but when we met she said the tickets is at 6.15 pm...what the...???

and so during the free time we had, we manage to kill the time by taking pictures...
its a really good thing to do to give a positive moods before you watch the movies...
anyway, this are those positive moods....

told ya...realllllyyyy positive..

I manage to smile!!! hahaha

me with my sister...don't we look so happy??? hahaha
well..we are happy yor..

my sister is imitating the panda...u successfully did well sis..hehe

RIO...I shall watch soon...!!!

my sister's friends...they are 12 including me...

just look at those tickets...!!!
after the successfully mission of killing the time...
we enter the cinema and manage to find our seats...
and the movie begins...


the actor/ actress: REMY ISHAk, Maya Karin, Faezah Elai, Mislina Mustaffa, Kartina Aziz, Marsha, Jehan Miskin, and Ning Baizura

seriously U have to watch it...
really KECOH the cinema with this movie...
this would be my second time watching it and if anyone want to ask me out and watch it again...I will go!! I mean seriously....those loghat Kedah is so funny I cannot control myself and burst to laugh like crazy...
so this is just something to share with you..
the picture in the movie..

the movie finished around 8.25 pm
so after that we say goodbye and head home...
I manage to take this last picture...

Nice huh???

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