Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Intan is craving for this!!!

holla, yuhuuu...!!!
actually I'm not that free since I am SUPPOSE to be studying for Beverage Operation test tomorrow morning but instead I log in to my facebook account and post
hahaha anyway, I am craving for it right now...
have you guys try it before??
if U haven't then I suggest you should go and buy one now...


doiiii must I tell ya??
you should taste it yourself...
its those vanilla, 2 kinds of chocolate dips and the crush oreo that makes me go crazy over it and willing to wait till I finally finished drink every single thing in it...

every time I go to KFC...I will chose Snack plate and will upgrade my water to Krushers oreo and save some which I don't need to add on to the krusher's set if u do know what I mean...
ala..kalau kita ambil snack plate punya set then nak add on pade krushers oreo rugi...satg dia cas harga I suggest kalau ambil snack plate or anything just cakap nak upgrade water pade krushers tue...ade 3 jenis perisa..I would only stick to the oreo...

love it!!!


okay...Im full...lets go home!!!hahaha

KRUSHERS OREO anyone???!!!

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