Thursday, May 19, 2011

Comparing mobile phone


Sorry for keeping you waiting for my new post..
Now I'm facing my Final Examination for this semester
so I'm going all out into getting back my last pointer which disappoint me a lot..
wish me luck k???

never mind about that since I'm suppose to be mentioning about My Mobile phone..

My last year phone are

Sony Ericsson K800i first hand
RM 500++
Color: Black
Camera : 3.2 Mp
Music: nice
Keypad and all: just nice...
nice apps
total satisfction: 85/100%

Nokia N95 second hand
RM 4oo++
Color: White
Camera: 5.0
Music : Super nice
Slide phone: have problem..wirh the ribbon..need to fix that
Keypad : very nice
Can access to Wireless
Nice apps
Total Satisfaction: 90/100%

This year phone
Still keeping N95

Bought myself
Nokia C3 first hand
used it less than a month...sold it
RM410 memory card 4 gig
Original set
Color : Soft Purple
Camera : 2.0 Mp
Music : Average
Apps: nice...Used Ovi Market via Fb
cool apps and all...
Total Satisfaction : 85/100%

The latest
Sony Ericsson Xperia X8
RM 400
Color: White
Memory Card : 4 gig
second hand, bought from a friend.
Touch Screen
Super cool apps..
Talking Tom
Angry Bird
Launcher pro
Video Live Wallpaper
Handcent for messaging, you can put your picture at the background, set notification color.
X8 Android 2.1 version
Android also can install Papago which is synonym for Garmin

If lets say that you getting bored of your wallpaper..
try launcher pro..
set up to 7 main screen..
Super cool ain't it?

p/s: for those who are interested on buying X8...Good for you!
next on: I-pad maybe???

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