Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Semester's break!

its good to be back to my I'm at Kedah!
where u could get all sort of goodies in a reasonable and cheap price
wayyyyyy happening foods wayyyyy cheaper than staying in Kl

24 May

arrived back to My hometown around 5 am
My mother and my sister came to fetch us
then we went to the imfamous Nasi Lemak at Kampung Darat
around 5.30 am, the stall is full with customers..
majority are UUM students

the problem going out such early in the morning is..
some of the boys..
did not take their bath yet...
so much of the smell...worst than the smell of the armpit I tell ya

2 hours sleeping in the bus did not bother me at all after seeing the foods, my mom and the most important thing of all...WIRELESS at home!

after fresh shower and a good lunch,
me, my mom and Aini head to Jitra
intention was to visit my aunt, cute niece Q.A, the mother of Q.A and also the new member of my niece and nephew...wait...both are nephew?
never mind

I did snap some pictures but I kinda busy to upload


as you look through this pictures...
You probably notice that my niece Quratul Ain love mobile phone very much
as very smart

my xperia x8..

she open the album and showed the picture of me and her cutting the cake on my birthday
so smart kid

piano lesson...plays like a pro..

after a visit to my aunt house, we head to my other aunt house at Alor Setar
my cousin Jannah just got herself her first baby..

well something happen which I cannot upload another pics.
anyway, I had a great time with my family
hoping to go a vacation again with family soon...


N.Y. said...

happy holiday farah!!!:)
bile bukak semester baru?

N.Y. said...

happy holiday intan !!!
kirim salam kat aini n family semua yer...:)