Thursday, February 18, 2010

busy weeks!

doodle on palms

a short brief about my schedule

this week assignment
for event management I have to prepare flyers and brochure since Genting Highland is my final project event for this subject and plus 15% comes from this project so I need to do my best
RM 140.oo to go there...just a day trip plus the cost for transportation, the theme park ticket, buffet lunch, games (treasure hunt in the haunted house)


still I am not satisfied with the reasons given by the assistant manager
I asked him about the treasure haunt tinggy...since I'm not just afraid in getting in there to find a treasure but the most fear of all is just MAYBE I could get grope by someone because we all know that when we are in the dark things can happen you know and I am not going to be responsible if it happened to one of my customer...its the BIG DEAL for me as a woman I have to bring this up...


this is the problem when I was in the event committee...
I like to expressed how I felt
its not just for me
I'm defending my tribe here (whatever that means)
next week I'll be busy with promoting this event and I will be at Level 8 Havella building giving out flyers...

okay, I need to cool down a bit..
every time it came to Wednesday I had a problem of getting worried about stuff
there's two class on that day
which is Event Management and Academy Reading & Writing
and the students especially from the Academy Class is like their English in 100% slang
I felt as stupid as can be sometimes for example last night class...
miss made us make an essay and the title is
who is a better lover? man or woman? English is sooooo simple compared to those students in my class...
their words is so nice and beautiful...
we had to read out loud what we just wrote
very embarrassing....SERIOUSLY!
okay2 I want to forget about it

next Principle of Marketing
got to assignment which is about pricing and product
quiz next thursday (individual) chapter 3 and 4

Food and Beverage Service
maybe next week I'm going to learn how to flame a banana..
that is if there is a Gueridon Trolley which cost like when you buy a Kancil car
expensive...I know
then for the assignment I have to create a creative menu card

p/s: If there is a chance I will update about the last Valentine's day or Chinese New Year that I didn't even bother to celebrate...hahaha


miss myeryn said... nye..btw..all the best kay..hehe

'AQILAH said...

project yang sama, ke genting and subject yang sama, princple of marketing :)

intan said...

miss myeryn...
life student macam nie la..tq
aik, sama dua2...stay kelas sekali ka?