Sunday, February 21, 2010


mood: eating everything I see..!

I'm in a mood of asking your opinion about man stuff..
but that does not means that this post is for guys only..
if you girls what to share some info about guys than be my guest
its an honoured for me to accept any new info's..

so the point is like this..
I was thinking for all these years
everytime it came to my guy friends birthday or maybe not my guy friends maybe my friends boyfriend and I've been asked the same question and it come to my stand that I am curious and eager to know...

what do U usually give as a present for your guy friend on their birthday?

yes, that's the only thing that I wanted to ask..

what do you think if I say that this are the list of things when we gurls maybe thinking of giving it to u..

a) wallet
e)bangles (your kind)
f)just throw up a party
g) cake
h) couple t-shirt and stuff (for couples)

okay, thats all the stuff that is in my head right now..
I cannot think of anything else except that
its not that difficult if it is compared to gurls stuff

if it was for me I would like my present to be something cute, easily to bring everywhere I go, afraid of the cost...? don't be...because it is not neccessary to buy me something expensive when you can get a cheaper price for the stuff...
I think not just me, every gurls like me thinks like that too...
we accept any present with an open heart...

the items?
well let see..
generally if I'm not mistaken
most gurls like....
a) teddy bear

the point is gurls like something cute...
just buy them something cute depanding on their character okay...
not all gurls like cute stuff so make sure asked them first..
okay thats all...


miss myeryn said...

yup..most gurls jz love cute things..
waaaaa..byk nye..larat habis ke?hehe

Dushan Hanuska said...

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