Monday, March 1, 2010

fnb practical class begins...

today no teory just practical class
begins as stated in the schedule at 8.15 am..
with the energy I had after eating fried mee-hoon this morning I made my way to the classroom at level 4...with the mind set to learn a new interesting things had made me lost all the nervous I had after wearing a full uniform being asked by my F&B lecturer last week..
being brave and a bit shy I entered the class..
I could see all eyes are staring at me
Is this weird to you???

with the bow and the vest...
It's been so long since I wore this vest..
anyway in class Miss Fariza..
my classmate and I had to do an individual presentation of table setting based on the menu and prepared orange and apple salad
I'm the first three student that did the table setting
I got kind of complicated menu to set the tableware and cutleries and all the arrangement setting for 2 pax but I manage to do it anyway with some help from my classmates...
due to the busy time,
I didnt snap any photoes of my table setting...poor me..sob sob
because our miss had to see an individual presentation so some of the students didn't have the chance to do one of the test
I had to practise doing apple and orange salad and had to work on my cat walking carrying three plates which I will be performing next monday...
nervous me
must practise a lot..

this is not me okay....It's my friend...doing the same table setting and the same menu as mine
I helped her with it..

Miss Fariza asked questions about cutleries

okay...that's all..

gud nyte....


DYAN_SANA'A said...

sure letih keje fnb kan.
saya keje part time pun dh letih best ..sbb dpt merasa makanan best..n thun ni saya nak try keje bahagian housekeping lak..

tia said...

i'm in fnb department for about a month,as banqueters,
such a best experience ever ,
the experience with all work mates and deal with a lot of customer seriously make me happy,
i love it.

intan said...

dyan, housekeeping best gak sebab kite x perlu nak perform sgt..kemas bilik mase customer xde dalam bilik xde pressure berbanding dengan mase diorang ade dlm blik n kena kemas cepat2. ape pown fnb lah department yg plg sy ske..

intan said...

tia, working as banqueters is really a hard work but I also enjoyed working as a team and get to do some of the heavy things that man's has to do but I'm willing to sacrifice a bit just to get the experience and Alhamdulillah...I'm happy to say..I've done that before..:-)