Monday, March 8, 2010

when U can't have it..

I am so relieve after knowing that I still have some time to recalled back what I've learned
lately, I've been depressed, hurt, anxious, sad, happy and whatever feelings that we will have during the period of not adjusting to the so-called-environment

nothing much
just want to exposed something for this post
to tell you the truth at first I didn't notice it until I download it and see it for myself...
the feelings of shocked, embarrassed because my friend saw it and well I don't think I will be using this for my marketing assignment for packaging and labeling report...
so if you are curious to see what it is then maybe you should do some research at the google image for cute packaging :-)
I swear to U at first I didn't know what it is because it is kinda blur pictures
I had to download it...because from the blurring pictures I could sense that the packaging is nice
it is right????
after looking at it....


I blushed and try to not look at it but couldn't help it though....the packaging is kindA cool
but don't worry I won't use this product for my assignment
try to imagine on my lecturer's face if I do so...
well, what do U think?????

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