Monday, October 18, 2010


this is just a quick post
I have to share it because just now I was struggling on doing my thesis..
my BFF called and say that I look just like the character in the movie what was that name again
owh, its confession of the shopaholic..???
since I don't believe that so I Google it and just as I expected "0"
and then..I spot one of the thousand pictures........Boots!
I can't take my eyes of it and have to share this with you

so enjoy this Cute and Comfortable ankle boots...

VS anyone interested to buy ankle boots now??(^^,)

I do!!!


miss nafira(myeryn) said... wow..
sume mcm x seswai je aku nak pkai?huhu

fingerscrossed said...

I always ask my girlfriend to wear boots

especially with skirts...

LOve them~