Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Booo! Im back..~(^_^)

Hola hola dear followers and silent readers...shhhhh!! (^_^)
sorry for stop updating my crooked blog...
and also to all for stopping by and leave some comment in the chat box..
Thank you so much...!!!

so my last entry is just a brief about my internship..
Alhamdulillah...all praise to Allah Al-Mighty...
I have successfully finished my internship...

okay so this is the whole crew...
Sales and Marketing Department
yup, Im the only muslim women with hijab...
well what do you expect when it comes to a 5 star hotel..

anyway, all of them accept me and help me a lot for the past 3 month...
but Im very thankful to 2 person from all of them...
1. Mei Ling
2. Mr Farhan
 because they are the one that have guided me all this while 

okay let's not talk about those days where I got yelled by the assistant director of sales...
its not even my fault...anyway..
things happen 

okay and im in the mood to do my internship report...and while im into that..
I send my resume to Jobstreet...well im now a fresh graduate student seeking for a job...
Any job is okay as long as the salary is RM 1,000.00++
okay thats all for now..
have a nice day yall!!!

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