Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my lovely friends.....

Doesn’t matter if your friend is a girl or a boy…

All that matters is you still

have friends….

Although he or she did do something good or bad there still your friend…same as our family except when it come to friends…


It can be a little difficult though to let them know actually your feelings when it comes to misunderstanding…

That is if u do know what I mean….

Ohm come on….sometimes we use to be like that…

When our friends did admonish us…why can’t we take it as something positive…!

Here is some of the poem that i found so i could share with you...

Thank you, friend, for all th

e things
That mean so much to me--
For concern and understanding
You give abun

Thanks for listening with your heart;
For cheering me when I'm blue;
For brin
ging out the

best in me;

just for being you.

Thanks for in-depth conversation
That stimulates my brain;
For silly tim
es we laugh out loud;
For things I can't explain.

For looking past my flaws and faults;
For all th
e time you spend;
For all the kind

things that you do,
Thank you; thank you, friend.

Truly A Friend

Someone to lean on when problems appear,
Someone on

whom you’d depend,
Someone who’ll lift you when you’re down in the dumps,
That someone is
truly a friend.

That’s how I feel about you my dear friend;
You’re so special just as you are.
Just to know that you’re there

provides comfort to spare;
A friendship like yours sets the bar.

i like listening to the song

from Miley Cyrus- True Friends...

you should listen to that from YouTube....or anywhere u prefer to listen to...

this photos is taken during the time we are ready to send the foods to our customer (class project)

me, farihah and hasnida....fren 4 eva!

my classmate...
all of them are my friends from college... hurm~ sure miss them a lot... anyway...

time pass by so quickly ey....

oppss...forgot to introduce to my besssst fren....from school...
my truuuuuueeee fwenn.... membebel jew x hbs2 lg...

me wit my best fwen....

okay..i think that is it for today...

got to continue my job...

take care!

but remember....

no one can make you feel inferior without your permission...! daa!

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